50 Facts

Tuesday, 5 February 2013
I've really enjoyed reading everyones' Facts About Me posts recently so thought I'd do my own.  At first I was planning on only doing 20 facts, but once I got started it was much easier to come up with them than I thought, so I've ended up with 50!  I've also dug up some embarrassing old photos too - enjoy!

50 Facts About Me

1) I don't have any pets now but when I was younger we had 2 cats called Sam (ginger) and Dinky (black & white).  My sister and I used to dress Sam up in dolls clothes and push him around in a pram (Dinky was having none of that nonsense).

2) I have one sibling - a 23 year old sister called Nikola who is a Performing Arts student.  She has a blog too!

Looking very chuffed with myself holding my new baby sister

3) My dad is the most accident prone person I know.  Among his catalogue of catastrophes is once putting super glue in his eye thinking it was eye drops!

4) My favourite meal is steak pie and roast potatoes

5) I'm a salty popcorn girl (hate sweet popcorn)

6) I only have 1 living grandparent - my Grandpa George who is 88 and is more independent than most 70 year olds

7) B and I met for our first date at 8pm on the 8th day of the 8th month of 2008.

8) I've been on 4 "clubbing" holidays with my friend Jaclyn - Faliraki '03, Malia '04, Zante '05 and Gran Canaria '06.  It was very "sun, sex and suspicious parents"* and I had some of the best times of my life.  *The thought of my mum and dad having seen what I got up to makes me feel physically sick!

Zante '05

9) I was a little brainbox at school and left with 7 Higher A's and an Advanced Higher C (Maths).

10) I've never had a driving lesson, and therefore I can't drive

11) I'm a Pisces

12) When I was in 6th year at school I went to "maths camp" for a few days (don't laugh).  It was actually really good fun and I even ended up dating 2 of the boys I met there, ha!

13) My favourite colour is mint green

14) My biggest man crushes are Ryan Gosling (of course), Jason Segal, and Nick from New Girl

15) I'm going to see Girls Aloud in concert for my birthday in March

16) I was a big reader when I was younger, my favourite books included Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, Vlad The Drac (thanks to Gillian for reminding me about this!), Mallory Towers, and anything by Judy Blume.

17) My favourite scents are spearmint and strawberries & cream campinos

18) I've only started wearing lipstick in the last year

19) I've been on social networks for as long as I can remember, starting with Girland back in the day (does anyone else remember this?  I feel like I may have made it up!) and then Faceparty from when I was about 18.  I actually ended up going on a few dates with people I met on Faceparty....although back then internet dating was a bit sad so I kept that fairly quiet!

20) I've been on 2 Mediterranean cruises - once with an ex (and we broke up on the holiday!) and once with the family

family hol

21) My favourite computer games when I was younger were Theme Park, Theme Hospital, the Sims (sooo many hours were spent on this), Quake 3 and Rainbow Islands (on the Atari, lol).

22) I used to go to Pontins in Blackpool for a holiday with my family pretty much every year when I was a kid

23) I once won a piece of Jamie Cullum's tie (it was from his Brits performance and they ran a competition on his website to win it) back when I was a huge fan of his

24) When I was in my last year at uni I joined a dance society.  I performed in the end of year show doing a contemporary piece to You Got The Love (there's a video of it somewhere online!)

how creepy does it look with the blanked out faces?!

25) I've been collecting DVDs of kids TV shows I used to watch - so far I've got a "Cult Kids TV" one (with things like Dangermouse and Count Duckula on it), Mr Men and Little Miss, Care Bears, and Chip & Dale.  I bring them out on sick days and hungover days, lol.

26) The first concert I ever went to see was 911 at the SECC in Glasgow

27) It will be B and I's 5 year anniversary this August.  We're going to spend it at Blythswood Square in Glasgow, where we also spent our 3rd anniversary (love that place)

just casually watching the TV in the other room whilst having a bath at Blythswood Square

28) My favourite ever TV characters are Alan Partridge and Ross Gellar from Friends

29) I'll eat most vegetables but I can't stand fresh fruit (I hate the fleshy feel in my mouth!)

30) I was a bit of a late starter with boys and had my first kiss when I was 17!

31) I went through a phase when I was 19/20 where I couldn't sleep unless I had the radio on (turned down really low)

32) I had a massive girl crush on Britney when I was 18/19/20 - I had a big sexy poster of her up in my room, haha!

33) I love the brat pack era of movies like The Breakfast Club and St Elmo's Fire

34) I am forever baffled by the continued success of The Wanted

35) About a year ago I was in a car crash on a snowy country road in the far west of Scotland.  Because of that I'm now scared of getting in a car when it's icy/snowy.

36) This is a bit of a girl sin, but I've never seen Dirty Dancing

37) I was a huge Westlife fan back in the day.  Have been to see them in concert about 4 times, met them at a signing once, and have all their singles, albums and videos

38) I'd love to visit Las Vegas

39) We have a lifesize Karen Gillan cut out in our flat (I bought it for B as a Christmas present a few years ago as he has a massive crush on her.....hell so do I, she's hot!)

our housemate

40) I LOVE Nestle Easter Eggs (I know Nestle are evil.....but their chocolate tastes so damn good, and the Easter Eggs are like their chocolate on acid)

41) My oldest toy is a stuffed Snoopy - it has long legs and hands with velcro so you can stick them together.  I've had it since I was a baby, there's pictures of me with it when I was like a few months old.

42) I've only had 6 boyfriends

43) My favourite alcoholic drink is Southern Comfort and Lemonade

44) My hair has been pretty much every colour - blonde, red, brown, black, and even blue!  It was naturally really light blonde when I was younger then gradually darkened to a light brown.  It's been so long since I last had it natural though so I'm not even sure what colour it would be naturally now!

45) My favourite animals are cats, rabbits and pandas

46) When I was younger I wanted to be either a teacher or an olympic gymnast (massive LOL)

47) After a very bad experience when I was 17, I can no longer drink Tequila - even the smell makes me want to vomit

48) My first job was delivering the free papers on a Friday after school.  I had to cover a huge area of our town and I only got something crap like 50p per 100.  I got lazier and lazier with it and eventually started dumping half of them - naughty naughty

49) My favourite cocktail is a Dune Bug (has Midori, Malibu and Pineapple in it)

50) I love Disney films (doesn't every girl though?) and my favourite ones are The Little Mermaid, Aristocats, Aladdin and Beauty & The Beast

Well that was fun!  Do leave me a link below if you've done one of these too :)


  1. Love me a bit of Ryan Gosling ;) and I used to read Babysitters Club too 😊

  2. I am literally loving these posts, haha quite scary how some of your facts really relate to me. :P I love cats, I'm a Pisces born in March and I love Jason Segel & Nick from New Girl! I'm a big lover of The Wanted though! ;)


  3. Awh god Faceparty! It was so full of creeps. Remember profile heaven too?


    1. Not heard of profile heaven? But yes, Faceparty had alllll the creeps!

  4. I've never seen dirty dancing either ! xxx