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Wednesday, 2 January 2013
I've done quite a bit of shopping over the Christmas break - mainly online, although I have ventured out to the shops a few times too (just shopping centres/parks though - can't be bothered going into town!) so I've got quite a lot of new things to show you.  

I was lucky enough to get a few vouchers/cash gifts from family members this Christmas, and also got a good bonus at work (most of it will go in my "buy me a house" savings account) so I've sort of felt a bit like I can do as much shopping as I want in this years' sales without feeling too guilty or worrying about my January bank balance.  I didn't feel like I had actually spent that much, but as I did lots of little shopping sprees when I look at it all together I maybe have gone a bit spend-happy....ooops!

Most of what I bought was in the sale (which helps me justify it to myself....) but a few things were full price - like stuff I've been wanting to buy for a while but couldn't afford it at the time (e.g. the Naked 2 palette and the Benefit stuff).  I'm glad I didn't go into town for a sales browse in Primark and H&M etc as I'm sure I'd have ended up spending a hell of a lot more than I have!

New Look Sale

bargains - RRP £37.47 but I got it all for £16.75

Debenhams Sale

another bargain - RRP £61, sale price £37.70

Boots Haul 

Boots online - not in the sale but the moisturiser was free

TK Maxx Sale

amazing finds - the Joico was only £7 (normally about £27 for a bottle this size) and the Bed Head only £12.99 (RRP £25)

House of Fraser

none of these were in the sale...oh well!


wanted acrylic storage for makeup for aaages!  Was £37 for the 2

Argos Sale

half price - was £24.99, now £11.99

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