Resolutions: 13 for 2013

Tuesday, 1 January 2013
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Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a lovely night, whatever you got up to - I had a quiet night in with B having a few drinks and making our way through the Twenty Twelve boxset so brought in the new year fairly sober and relaxed!

I haven't made new years resolutions in a few years as I never end up keeping them, but this time I'm hoping that if I make them public and publish them on here then I'm more likely to aspire to tick them off (I do like a good list!).  I'll post an update every quarter to see how I'm getting on - so there's some pressure for me to stop me falling off the wagon!

1) Reach my goal weight

I know this is a bit of a standard new years resolution but I am planning on sticking to this one!  For the last 6 years or so my weight has been pretty up and down with me reaching my goal once in 2005 but then gradually piling the pounds back on again over the years, reaching my heaviest last year.  

In recent years I've tried a few tactics - in 2010 I did Diet Chef for a few months but found it really hard to stick to so put back on any weight I'd lost, and in early 2012 I joined Pure Gym but only going like once a week wasn't really enough to see any proper weight loss (although I am a few pounds lighter than I was at the start of the year, and I'm definitely a bit fitter so it's not been a total waste).  

In 2013 the plan is to go to the gym 3 times a week and also to improve my diet (cut down on junk food and takeaways etc) with the aim of getting down to my goal weight by the end of the year (would involve losing around 5 stone - eek!).  I'm toying with the idea of joining Weight Watchers, having read so many success stories from other bloggers - it might help make the journey a bit easier!

2) Get my 5 a day and drink more water

A bit of a doubler - with the general theme being "eat better".  I'm really bad at eating fruit and veg and probably only get about 1 of my 5 a day normally so I definitely need to increase that.  

With water I'm not actually too bad these days as I tend to get through about 6 cups a day at work but in the evenings and at weekends I'm terrible.  So in 2013 I want to get more consistent and get my 2 litres 7 days a week (my skin will thank me for it!).

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3) Read 20 books

I had planned on reading lots in 2012 but by the end of the year had only got through a grand total of 6 books which is terrible form!  So this year I'm determined to get back into reading (I used to be a big bookworm when I was younger) and have set myself a target of 20.

4) Get "film educated"

B is always despairing at the fact that I've seen hardly any of what he sees as "classic" films (like Reservoir Dogs, The Godfather, The Big Lebowski etc) so this year he's compiling a list for me and we're going to work through them all.

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5) Visit the Top 10 attractions in Edinburgh

Despite having lived in/near Edinburgh for all of my life I'm ashamed to say I haven't visited most of our cities main attractions (haven't even been to Edinburgh Castle since I was about 6!) so this year I'm hoping to get to the ones that are commonly seen as the "top 10" including the Botanic Gardens, Royal Yacht Brittania, and Holyrood Palace.

6) Visit 5 new places

I love visiting new places, although I'm not one for doing a lot of travelling as I'm not a fan of flying.  This year I'd like to add 5 new cities to my list of places I've visited - these may be in the UK or in Europe or further afield.

No set plans yet as to where I'll go, although I think me and B might take a trip to Bruges at some point this year, and I'm hopefully going to Portugal with my friends to visit Jemma and James too.

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7) Make £1,00 selling on eBay

In 2011 I went through a phase of selling lots of clothes and DVDs etc on eBay (in preparation for us moving into a smaller flat) and made around £400 which I then used to buy all my Christmas presents that year.  I did a bit of eBaying in 2012 but I've still got loads of stuff I want to sell - it's mainly clothes as I'm bad for buying things and never wearing them, or buying things and wearing them a few times and getting bored of them.  

We've also still got like a million DVDs that we probably won't watch again so I'll try and get rid of some of those too.  I know a grand is a bit of an ambitious target - but if I consistently have things up for sale over the 12 months I think it's definitely do-able.  The money can then go into my savings account - as per resolution #13.

8) Try new things

I know that sounds a bit vague, but I want to do things I've not done before - like trying horse riding, skiing, or ice skating, eating new things, trying new makeup looks etc.  Basically getting out of my comfort zone!  This year I tried a few new things, like starting the blog and discovering the joys of laser quest (about 15 years too late, lol), but I want to do a lot more in 2013.

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9) Go to more blogger events

So far I've been to 2 blogger meet ups and no events (have been invited to a few but turned them down because I was too scared to go on my own!) so this year I want to socialise a lot more with the lovely blogger peeps!

10) Start making Youtube videos

Another blog related resolution, I've been writing this blog for almost a year now and I really like the idea of progressing to Youtube videos.....partly because I'm quite lazy and sometimes I can't be bothered writing up (and formatting...oh the formatting!!) a blog post so the idea of having a quick chat to camera appeals to me.

The thought of putting a video out there for all to see is a bit daunting at the moment though so I'll maybe need to build up the confidence for a while before I get round to it.

11) Make an effort to see old friends more

This year I've done a lot of things with friends, but it's largely been with the same 2 groups of people and, as lovely and amazing as those folks are, I'd really like to start reconnecting with old friends this year too.

I've done a lot of reminiscing in recent months, looking through old photos and the like, and it's reminded me of some of the great times I've had with friends from school/uni who I haven't seen in an age.  So I'm going to make a concerted effort to catch up with some of these old friends and make them a part of my life again.

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12) Learn to drive

Yeah I know, I'm 27 and I can't drive, how embarrassing.  I was never one of those people who was desperate to learn as soon as they turned 17 so I didn't bother when I was at school, then when I was 18 I went to uni and moved into Edinburgh where I stayed for 4 years.  There was no need for a car then as I could walk everywhere/get the bus - and having a car would have been more hassle if anything.  Then after uni I got a job in town and again was still living in Edinburgh so it wasn't really necessary - it was only once I turned like 25/26 that I started to feel like it would be quite nice to have a car and not have to rely on buses but by that point I was reluctant to spend loads of money on lessons when I could spend it on clothes, lol.

B passed his test at the end of 2011 so since then I've had my own little taxi driver to take me to places and pick me up from nights out etc - but I've decided that it's about time I became the driver so I could return the favour, so 2013 will be the year I finally learn!

13) Save up for a deposit

B and I have been living together for 4 years now in rented accommodation, but we're now getting to the stage where we want to buy our own place - the only obstacle being that we don't have any money.  We moved into a smaller/cheaper flat at the start of 2012 and the plan had been to save up this year but I didn't actually get round to putting any money away at all (naughty naughty).  So this year I am determined to get saving and ideally I want us to have enough put away by the end of 2013 so we can get a house in early 2014 (that way I'd have my own house before I'm 30 which has always been my plan).  I'm going to start by putting £1,000 from my work bonus into my currently empty savings account and then try put around £2-300 in each month.

Fingers crossed, but all going to plan I should then have about £7,000 by the end of 2013 and if B has roughly the same then we should be well on our way to getting a house!

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Are you making any resolutions this year?

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  1. I read each of your resolutions and in my head was thinking 'I should probably do that too' haha! You're definitely not alone on the film thing! I make resolutions/goals after my birthday in March but I love to read what other people are aiming for this year! I hope to make blogging a regular part of my life. Happy New Year