Pampering Sesh

Thursday, 3 January 2013
After spending Christmas Day with 3 people who were in various stages of the cold/flu, inevitably I started feeling a bit sniffly and sorry for myself a few days later.  So on Saturday when B told me he was going round to his mates for the evening (to play computer games.....honestly, you'd think they were 17 not 27!) I thought I'd make the most of having the place to myself, and taking inspiration from Roisins' recent post, decided to embark on an epic pampering spree!

I got quite a lot of bath/body stuff for Christmas and also treated myself to a few things in the sales so this was the perfect opportunity to try it all out.  So I stuck on a girly playlist (Lana, Ellie, Marina et al), lit some candles and locked myself n the bathroom for a few hours!

1) Cleanse
To start off I took my makeup off (we'd been for a wee browse around Craigleith retail park in the afternoon) using the Bioderma H20 Micelle Solution (not pictured) - full review of this coming soon but in brief this is the best makeup remover I've ever used!  

Next, I washed my face over the sink using the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser (not pictured) and a muslin cloth.

2) Clay Mask
Now it was time for the first face mask of the evening, and the first of my new purchases - the Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask which came in the 3 mask gift set I bought for myself from House of Fraser.  This mask is ideal for acne/blemish skin and helps clear up spots.  I've been a bit lax with my skincare routine over the Christmas hols so I was definitely in need of some of this!

3) Oil Treatment
The Out of Trouble mask needs 10 minutes to work so in the meantime I got in the shower, wet my hair and warmed up a VO5 Hot Oil Treatment (for damaged hair) sachet under the water.  I then rubbed this through my hair, paying special attention to the roots.

4) Exfoliating
Whilst the mask and the oil treatment got to work I used my Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub (not pictured) and massaged this over my skin (which was only slightly damp from wetting my hair in step 3).  I'm really bad for not exfoliating nearly as often as I should, so I made sure I was quite rough with this one.  

It was then time to rinse off the hot oil treatment (it says it's only supposed to be on for a minute but that seemed to fly by so I left it on for close to 4 minutes) after which I rinsed off the remains of the sugar scrub with the shower head.

5) Shampooing
Next up it was hair washing time, using my new Joico Color Endure Shampoo that I'd bought earlier that day at TK Maxx (total bargain - only £7!).  I shampooed twice just to make sure my hair was extra clean - I hadn't washed it in like 4 was the post Christmas lazy lull ok?!  

It was also at this point that I washed off the Out of Trouble mask, again using a muslin cloth to wipe off.

6) Growth Treatment
The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment was up next - I got through a tub of this a few months ago and I feel like it did help my hair grow quite a bit (it's certainly the longest it's been in years) - I think it's because it helps keep your hair in a good condition from the roots down which in turn encourages it to grow.  The treatment is applied after shampooing, so I squeezed the excess water from my hair and then applied a large blob of this from the roots to the tips and left on for 5 minutes.

7) Shaving
Whilst the growth treatment was working its magic I used the 5 minutes to shave my legs and underarms using the Gilette Venus Embrace razor and Boots Smooth Care Shave Gel in Perfect Peach (neither pictured above).

8) Conditioning
After 5 minutes I rinsed off the treatment (giving it a really good rinse to make sure I wasn't left with any build up, especially at the roots).  Then I applied my new Tigi Urban Antidotes Recovery Conditioner (another TK Maxx bargain at £12.99) to the ends and left for a few minutes.

I'm not ashamed to admit that, as I didn't have anything else to do, I used these few minutes to have a little dance in the shower to some Marina and the Diamonds.

9) Body Wash
After rinsing off the conditioner I then lathered up a shower puff with Original Source Raspberry & Vanilla Shower Gel and had a wash - it smells incredible!

10) Moisturising Mask
With shower time over I wrapped my hair up in a towel turban, dried myself off and then applied a second Origins face mask - this time it was the Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, another one from the gift set.

11) Body Butter
As the Drink Up mask needs 10 minutes to get to work I used the time to apply Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter (a Christmas gift from B's dad).  This is another thing I'm really bad at - it's rare that I use any body lotion/moisturiser but in my defense my skin is always pretty soft and smooth without it (but yeah, it's mainly because I'm too lazy to use it!).  This dried in surprisingly quickly though (and smells lush) so I think I'll start trying to use it more often.

12) Moisturiser
Once the 10 minutes were up I washed off the Drink Up mask although to be honest, most of it had already sunk into my skin (I guess that's the point!).  Once it was all gone I patted my face dry and then applied my new Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Mattifying Moisturiser and put on some clean PJ's.

13) Hair Drying
Using my new Tangle Teaser I brushed my wet hair, spritzed on some Aussie Heat Protective Spray (not pictured) and blowdried using my trusty Tresemme hairdryer.  

Once dry, I pulled my hair into a loose ponytail, popped on my new owl slippers and settled down on the sofa for a Britains Next Top Model marathon and some Christmas chocolates - bliss!

I think I'm going to try and do this every Sunday this year as it would set me up for the week at work and would help keep my skin/hair in better condition.

Do you have your own pampering routine that you follow regularly?


  1. Nice post :)

    I am definitely gonna look for the Original Source Raspberry & Vanilla shower gel once my Snow Fairy runs out! Sounds so good xo

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