You Go Glen Coco #2

Saturday, 8 December 2012
Another round of posts I've enjoyed reading in the last week or so from my ever increasing list of favourite blogs!

I love a good Christmas market, and the lovely Juliet has put together a handy little list of all the craft and shopping fairs happening over the Christmas period in Edinburgh and Glasgow which is worth a look.  The Very Vintage Christmas Fair at HMV Picturehouse sounds good, think I might pop along!

I LOVE house/bedroom tours as I am incredibly nosy and I also desperately want my own house so enjoy a good perv over other peoples' homes.  Katy's cottage looks adorable - I love all the fairy lights and the white furniture....can I move in please?!

Sprinkle of Glitter - Tips for my Teenage Self
This is a really sweet post with some very wise words that I think most of us would probably like to tell our 16 year old selves.  

Elevatormusik - Hair History Part 2
I did a hair history post a while back but it was nowhere near as fun as this, and it certainly didn't involve any Big Brother contestants (kudos to Gillian for the real life picture with Anthony Hutton...amazing).  I love posts like this with old school photos - keep em coming folks!

A Little Less of Lauren - Love The Skin You're In
Have been following Lauren's blog for a while now and I love reading about her weightloss journey - she is my inspiration!  So many points in this post ring true for me and it's given me a lot of motivation to get back on the weightloss wagon again.

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