Monday, 3 December 2012
Another round of outfits from me this week - I'm actually impressed that I've remembered to take a photo every morning!


Just work today, nothing exciting.
dress - primark
cardigan - primark
belt - dorothy perkins
boots - primark
bag - primark


Again just work - had a client meeting so was dressed a bit more formal
dress - primark
cardigan - very
belt - evans
necklace - primark
boots - primark


Just work again - and yes, I'm still wearing my summer dresses in November - what of it?!
dress - matalan
cardigan - cardigan
boots - primark
belt - dorothy perkins
hat - river island


check out my mother flipping elbow patches!
Work and then gym, although I obviously changed first ;)
jeans - dorothy perkins
cotton tie shirt - primark
necklace - matalan
cardigan - primark
boots - primark

hmm I'm standing weird here
Work and then Laser Quest with work buddies (it was so much fun....although in our 3rd game a group of primary school kids joined us - getting chased around by kids in the dark is actually quite creepy!)
dress - river island
belts - river island (came with dress)
cardigan - primark
boots - primark

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