Stila In The Light Palette

Wednesday, 19 December 2012
Stila In The Light Palette Review

Stila In The Light Palette Review

Stila In The Light Palette Review

I bought this baby earlier this year and it is pretty much all I ever wear on my eyes these days.  The palette has a range of shades from really plain basics like Bare through shimmery neutrals like Kitten and Champagne and more intense statement colours like Sunset and Night Sky to the extreme dark shades like Ebony.  There's so many looks you can create from the one palette, as all the shades look good on their own but also mix well together too.
For day to day wear I tend to alternate between the following 3 looks, depending on the rest of my makeup or my outfit:

1) Just Bare - I go for this if I'm wearing a statement lip like Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon (as seen in the pics below) and simply team it with layers of mascara

2) Kitten or Champagne on their own add a lovely shimmer to the eye without looking over the top glittery.  As you can see from the picture above they are definitely my most used shades!

3) For a slightly more dramatic day look I go for Sunset with either Kitten or Champagne over the top (not layering over the outer corner of my eye so it has a shaded / smoky eye look)

For a night time / going out look I normally go for all over Sunset (also using some as eyeliner on my bottom lids) or a smoky eye using Night Sky with a bit of Ebony in the outer corners or as an eyeliner.

Stila In The Light Palette Review Bare Bliss
Left: Bare  Right: Bliss

Stila In The Light Palette Review Kitten Champagne
Left: Kitten  Right: Champagne
Stila In The Light Palette Review Sunset Gilded Gold
Left: Sunset  Right: Gilded Gold
Stila In The Light Palette Review Sandstone Luster
Left: Sandstone  Right: Luster

Stila In The Light Palette Review Night Sky Ebony
Left: Night Sky  Right: Ebony

The only slightly negative points I could say about it are that some of the shadows are a bit crumbly - so when you stick your brush in they break up a bit (although to be honest when I'm gentle with the brush this doesn't happen so maybe I'm just being a bit heavy handed some mornings!) and also there's a bit of fall out with the more intense shades when applying.  

If I'm going for a more dramatic look, like all over Sunset, then I tend to do my eyes first before I put on foundation otherwise I just end up with little sprinkles all over my cheeks that I have to try and wipe off!  I find that with most eyeshadows though so I don't think it's something that's a particular issue with this palette.

Given that I've got so much use out of this, and that the looks you can get from it are so versatile, I'd definitely recommend trying this if you're looking for a new eyeshadow palette.  I haven't tried the Urban Decay Naked palette, which I gather is fairly similar, so I can't compare the two - but I do really like this and would happily buy another Stila palette if they released a new one.

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  1. looks lovely ! Its great when you get a palette you can use all the time makes them so worth the money. I think a good palette makes me want to experiment more.