Scottish Bloggers Christmas Party

Friday, 14 December 2012
JennClaire, Juliet & Lianne
photo taken by Gillian
photo taken by Paula

Roisin, Gillian & Claire - photo taken by Paula
Gillian and me - photo taken by Gillian

Christmas jumper!

my Secret Santa pressie

goodies from the sponsors

my raffle prize and secret santa

my adorable secret santa gift!
On Monday night, whilst still feeling a tad hungover from my work Christmas Party and also a bit choked with the cold, I got the train through to Glasgow for my second every bloggers meet up.  The Bloggers Christmas Party was organised by the lovely Roisin, Gillian and Claire and was held at the Monkey Bar (I'd never been there before but it was really nice!).  As with last time I didn't really get round to taking many photos so I've borrowed some from more diligent bloggers and linked to their posts where you will find more pics!

It was a Family Christmas Party theme with the dress code being Christmas party dress or tacky Christmas jumper - I went with the Christmas jumper although I teamed it with my gold glitter boots so it was half Christmas party look too.  Didn't take a proper outfit photo as I didn't have a full length mirror when I was getting ready, but there's some pics of the jumper above - it's from H&M and is so soft and cosy!

Claire had organised an amazing raffle in aid of Glasgow Womens Aid (we raised £190 which isn't bad for a group of 30 or so!) and there were some awesome prizes on offer.  I won a gorgeous scarf from Godiva and a £10 voucher for The Glasgow Piercing Studio (although I gave that one away because I'm a big wuss who doesn't even have pierced ears!).

There was also a Secret Santa which we all put a little gift in for - I ended up with a super cute cup & saucer candle and necklace from Tattybon (I found it funny that I picked a gift from someone with the same name as me - thanks Lynne, I love it!).  I hope the person who got mine likes theirs too......*cough* Wendy *cough* :)

As usual with these type of events I didn't get round to speaking to half of the people that were there but it was lovely to chat to familiar faces again and to meet some new people too.  Apparantely the next meetup is already in the pipeline, and it will be in Edinburgh this time so I'm looking forward to that! 

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  1. In Edinburgh next time?! That would be awesome! Llara x