OOTD: Work Christmas Party

Tuesday, 11 December 2012
It was my work Christmas party this weekend and ohh it was a drunken affair.  We were at a party night at Rufflets through in St Andrews (it's my boss' family hotel), our partners got to come too and we got an overnight stay too so all in all it was a great night!

I'm not going to put any of the actual party photos up here because a) I can't be bothered asking everyone for their permission and b) we all look an absolute state.  I was horribly hungover all day Sunday and part of Monday - rum is not my friend.

It took ages for me to find an outfit for the party, as usual, and I ended up doing a bit of a DIY number on a cheap Primark dress.  The dress I bought had long chiffon sleeves with sequin cuffs - argh I HATE chiffon sleeves with a passion - I really liked the sequin collar and the fit of the dress though so I decided to buy it anyway and cut off the sleeves.  I think it worked pretty well, even if the bits where I cut the sleeves looked a bit raggedy!  I teamed the dress with a pair of AMAZING gold glitter boots which were only a FIVER(!) in Primark.  Accessories wise I had a skinny gold belt, gold sequin clutch, a gold spike bracelet and a gold & black chunky ring (all from Primark apart from the belt which was from ASOS).

For my makeup I focused on the eyes with some Eyelure false lashes (the pre-glued ones as I'm crap at using normal falsies!) and bronze shimmery shadow (the Stila Into the Light palette).  I was annoyed at myself though as I had bought some gold Barry M glitter which I had planned on putting on my eyes but then accidentally left it at home :(    The rest of my makeup was pretty natural, with Benefit Hervana and Topshop  Crescent Moon Highlighter on my cheeks and Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee on my lips. 

For my hair I used the Enrapture Totem Styler to create loose curls (on the 1-1-1 setting) and then pinned some bits at the side up (I think I took out the pins halfway through the night....either that or they fell out at some point).

Here's some photos!  I did attempt some "fashion blogger" type poses but they looked terrible - note to self, I am not a natural poser.

me and B


  1. Your bedroom looks massive !! Love the dresser.

    So happy to have found a blogger out my way. I stay in Livingston, do you have any other blogger friends from round our ends ?

    D Xx


    1. Haha I WISH that was my bedroom....it was just my room at the hotel we were staying in unfortunately. I know what you mean - I get excited every time I find a new Scottish blogger. There's quite a lot of us, in fact we just had our Christmas meet up on Monday night which I'll be posting about this evening with a bunch of links to everyones blogs! xx

    2. Yep I seen all the chat about it on twitter and did some detective work to find all your blogs :) Looking forward to fooling your blog !

      D Xx


    3. I did a bit of my own detective work (followed you on Twitter and saw we follow lots of the same people) and I see you work at LBI - I used to work there when it was bigmouthmedia! The Edinburgh digital community is so small, lol. :)