My Christmas

Friday, 28 December 2012
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  I had a pretty chilled out day with B and my family, and I thought I'd share some pics from the day with you.

We started Christmas morning by opening our presents from each other at our flat (post on what I got coming tomorrow) followed by a breakfast of bacon bagels.  After getting ready (both in our Christmas jumpers, of course) we got in the car and drove down to my parents' house in East Lothian (aka the house of coughs.....they all have the cold/ do I now - thanks!).  After opening presents we lounged about for a few hours watching TV and looking through our gifts before setting up the makeshift dining table in the living room (complete with obligatory odd chair) and settling down for a delicious Christmas dinner.

After Doctor Who (how great was that episode?!) we headed back up the road where I promptly changed into my new onesie the minute we got in the front door.  The rest of the evening was spent lying on the sofa watching TV and munching on chocolates before ending the night with the Breaking Bad series 3 finale in bed.  Great day!

one of my presents to B
my pressies from B
tree at my parents' house
me and nik
mum opening her pressies
dad surprised by his gift from me and nik - an owl adoption!

pressie opening
B getting stuck in
not sure the ear warmers are on right....

yaaay it's a onesie!
nik and grandpa
dad in his new christmas jumper

I got the crap chair at the christmas table
finally joining the onesie club


  1. Great post! Funny enough I done the exact same post on my blog the other day.:)

    1. Thanks! Just read yours - so have to try that bath bomb, the colour looks awesome! x

  2. Welcome to the club ;) Looks like you had a lovely Christmas, I have a bunny onesie and a reindeer print one, too comfy!! xx