Christmas TV Specials: 7 Faves

Friday, 21 December 2012
TV isn't something I ever talk about on the blog - apart from one America's Next Top Model related rant from a few months ago - but I think next year I'm going to include more TV reviews/things I'm enjoying watching type content.  In "real life" it's something I talk about A LOT - most of my conversations with friends/workmates are about what the hell is happening on Homeland, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter etc - so it makes sense to include it on the blog too. 

To kick that off, and to keep in with the festive theme, I've put together a list of my favourite Christmas TV specials.  I love TV at Christmas, even if it's mainly depressing soaps (Christmas is pretty much the only time I check in on Eastenders - the rest of the year the only soap I watch is Hollyoaks....don't judge me) and a load of repeats.  There are some classic Christmas special repeats that I always look out for in the schedules, and every year I normally find 1 or 2 new ones that join the list too.  If you haven't seen all of the ones on my list I highly recommend checking them out! 

Oh and as Dermot O'Leary would say.....these are in no particular order.

Father Ted: A Christmassy Ted
Father Ted remains one of my favourite TV shows of all time and I can't quite believe how old it is now (it's quite depressing when they mention the year in "King of the Sheep 1998").  The Christmas special is an absolute classic, starting off with the brilliant escape from the lingerie department (it's Ireland's biggest lingerie department didn't you know?) which leads to Ted being awarded a Golden Cleric award and brings about the arrival of the mysterious Todd Unctuous.  Hilarious from start to finish.

Best Bit(s): the whole escape from the lingerie department sequence, and also the bit where Mrs Doyle tries to guess Todd's name.

You can watch the full episode online here.

The Office Christmas Specials
Another one of my alltime favourite shows is The Office (the original UK version).  I know Ricky Gervais is one of those love/hate guys but I'm firmly on the love side - I pretty much have his podcasts with Stephen Merchat and Karl Pilkington on a loop on my phone!  The Office is where it all began though for him and it is just a brilliant series - great writing, great acting and fantastic comic timing.  The Christmas Specials, where it all ended for Brent and the gang, are The Office at its best and give the whole series a nice happy conclusion.

Best Bit(s): Brent finally telling Finchy to fuck off, and the Tim and Dawn kiss

Peep Show: Seasonal Beatings
In the Peep Show Christmas Special (which was part of Series 7) Mark and Jeremy have Marks family round for dinner and are somewhat reluctantly (on Marks part) joined by Dobby who has to pretend to not be Marks girlfriend.  Oh and Super Hans also joins in the fun, because it wouldn't be Peep Show without him.  The episode is full of great cringy moments like Marks shitty Christmas gifts (what girl wouldn't want a pair of kitchen tongs from her boyfriend?!), Jeremy making a hash of the Christmas dinner and Marks Dad generally being a dick  Merry Christmark everyone!

Best Bit(s): Mark shredding the ham and Dobbys "fuck off" line

You can watch the full episode online here.

Some Mothers do 'Ave 'Em: Jessica's First Christmas
SMDAE is one of those really old comedies that I probably shouldn't like (the comedy airs more on the slapstick side which is not really me!) but I can't help but laugh whenever I see a clip of the show.  The Christmas special where Frank takes part in the nativity is a golden oldie and is still hilarious despite it first airing in 1974(!).

Best Bit(s): Frank Spencer flying across the stage dressed as the Angel of the Lord

You can watch the full episode online here.

Vicar of Dibley: The Christmas Lunch Incident
In this episode Geraldine (Dawn French) ends up agreeing to have Christmas dinner at 3 of her friends' houses as she doesn't want to offend anyone by turning them down. Watching the vicars face as her 3 well meaning hosts offer up plateful after plateful of turkey and sprouts is just great TV - indigestion tablets anyone?!

Best Bit(s): The brussel sprout eating competition

Mr Bean: Merry Christmas Mr Bean
Again this is another TV show that I probably shouldn't like as it is so slapstick but it's something I used to watch when I was younger and thought it was hilarious and I admit I do still find myself chuckling along at it now I'm a bit more mature!  The Christmas episode is probably one of the best Mr Bean stories with loads of great moments like the turkey on the head (waaay before Joey in Friends did it), stealing the towns Christmas tree, and the Harrods nativity scene with a T-Rex and a Dalek.

Best Bit(s): The turkey stuck on the head moment.

Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special
This is a really funny and sweet episode with most of the action focused on baby Neil's first Christmas.  For me, depsite being called Gavin & Stacey, the show has always been about Nessa and Smithy - they're the best characters and always get the best lines (well, they did write it....).  It's a shame the show has come to an end now but I guess it's better that they did 3 great series and quit while they were ahead.

Best Bit(s):  The shit presents Nessa and Dave give out on Christmas Day, and at Nessa's Santas grotto.

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  1. The Office christmas special is definitely my fave - Tim & Dawn's kiss never fails to make me cry like a baby and David Brent telling Finchy to fuck off is SO good! Father Ted is a close second, the whole lingerie department thing is hilarious! xx