2012 in Pictures

Monday, 31 December 2012
As 2012 is nearly at an end I thought I'd pull together a summary of everything that's happened this year and share some photos with you all.  I love doing things like this - looking back through my photos from the year and remembering all the things I've got up to - it's made me realise that I've had a really great year!

January / February

moving - new flat - break in mess - valentines flowers - me & B - sharing dessert - kareoke time - wiiiine - buds

In January & February I......
  • moved into a new flat.....
  • ....which got broken into 5 weeks later
  • started this blog
  • went for Valentines dinner at Tusitala with B
  • had a brilliant night at Electric Circus drinking lots of wine and singing terrible kareoke with friends

March / April

ghost tour - me & B - bday pud at Cellar Door - pressies - Chop Chop buffet - bowling - sisters' bday - charity bake off - derren brown - dinner at E.S.I

In March & April I......
  • went on a ghost tour
  • celebrated several birthdays (including my own!)
  • went bowling with work mates
  • ate lots of cakes at a charity bake off with Jemma
  • had a final steak at E.S.I before it closed
  • joined the gym
  • went to see an interview with Derren Brown

May / June

ready to quest - modern art gallery - cocktails - my little pony hair - old school night out - wedding - musselburgh race day - hi de hi

In May & June I......
  • went laser questing for the first time EVER
  • visited the Modern Art Gallery
  • enjoyed cocktails in Stockbridge
  • dyed my hair purple
  • had a great night out visiting old haunts with old friends
  • attended a lovely wedding at Carberry Tower
  • went to Musselburgh Races on a work day out
  • took a trip to Sunderland to see my sister in Hi De Hi

July / August

fancy dinner - nails! - sophie's kitty - glasgow cakes - spice jones fun - visit from jemma - anniversary

In July & August I......
  • enjoyed a fancy meal with B at A Room in Leith 
  • grew my nails!
  • finally made it to Spice Jones
  • had a lovely day out in Glasgow with Emma and Sophie
  • went to see Michael McIntyre at the Playhouse
  • had a 4 year anniversary dinner with B at Amicus Apple
  • went to see lots of shows at the Edinburgh Festival 
  • had a surprise visit from Jemma and James

September / October

paris times - disney! - our padlock - alton towers - our cottage - catchphrase rudies - b's bday - funky hotel lighting - face

In September & October I......
  • had a lovely romantic break in Paris
  • went to my first ever bloggers meet up
  • took a road trip down to Alton Towers with the girls
  • stayed at the fancy Citizen M hotel in Glasgow for B's birthday

November / December

colin's bday - work christmas do - bloggers party - christmas market fun - pressie opening - dad in his new jumper

In November & December I......
  • had a great time at my works' Christmas do in St Andrews
  • met up with friends for Christmas Market fun times
  • went to the bloggers Christmas party
  • enjoyed a lovely family Christmas

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