Monday, 26 November 2012
Another round up of my outfits from this week - although I actually forgot to take a photo on Tuesday and I spent pretty much the whole of Saturday and Sunday in pyjamas so it's not quite a full week :)

My Monday to Friday was pretty boring, mainly just work and then lounging in the evenings watching TV. Although I did go to the gym on Tuesday night and then went for a rake around Primark on Thursday night looking for a party dress (didn't find one, instead I bought some new ankle boots and a casual dress - ach well!).   On Saturday I was at the hairdressers for a few hours getting my hair coloured (will put a pic up later this week) then spent the afternoon lying on the sofa in my slanket watching Modern Family repeats on Sky before takeaway and X Factor in the evening followed by series 3 of Breaking Bad in bed. Sunday was another day in although slightly more productive as I cleared out my wardrobe, put stuff up on Ebay, and tidied up my beauty/cosmetics storage. 

This week my plan of action is to find a Christmas party outfit - my work party is Saturday the 8th and I really don't want to resort to late night shopping on the Thursday desperately trying to find something so I'm planning on getting up early to go shopping in town on Saturday (as painful as that may be). I do have a back up option of my trusty favourite black dress which I could buy a fancy sparkly collar for and belt/bag/shoes etc but I would much rather have a new dress so fingers crossed I'm successful! 

 Monday - Work
dress -ebay
cardigan - primark
belt - dorothy perkins
high-tops - primark

Wednesday - Work
jumper - primark
vest - very
jeans - dorothy perkins

Thursday - Work & Shopping
cardigan - primark
jeans - dorothy perkins
vest (underneath) - very
tie shirt - primark
necklace - new look

Friday - Work
jumper - primark
dip hem skirt - primark
boots - primark
necklace - avon

This is what I pretty much wore for the weekend, lol.....

pj top - primark
pj bottoms - primark
slippers - christmas present last year (i.e. no idea!)

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