Quick Tip - Topshop Alvin Dupes for under £30!

Sunday, 18 November 2012
Another quick tip post from me!  You've probably already seen that New Look are selling a close dupe for the popular Topshop Alvin Boots.  Well I noticed today that they are currently on sale for just £26.24 (was £34.99)!  

The boots seem to be a bit of cult product amongst fashion bloggers (you can see the gorgeous Llymlrs wearing them here), and I have to admit I've well and truly been sucked in by the hype - they just look so wearable and would go with pretty much everything!

It looks like they still have them in stock in all sizes on the website, but I imagine they'll probably sell out fairly fast so if you fancy a pair you best be quick!
New Look (LEFT) - £26.24
Topshop (RIGHT) - £90.00



  1. i think i actually like the new look ones better! maybe its just the price i prefer lol xx

    1. I think I prefer the New Look ones too - plus they are flat which is better for me as I'm rubbish at coping with even little heels! Lynne x

  2. Replies
    1. You're very welcome - just sharing the good news, haha. Lynne x

  3. The new look ones are fab. Is this the boot they have in red aswell?? I love them both! x

  4. The new look ones actually look nicer!
    Thanks for sharing!