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Thursday, 1 November 2012
A few weeks ago I went out for a lovely lunch with my mum at Gusto on George Street.  I've been to Gusto a few times before for lunches with work or dinner with friends, and I've always had a really great meal.  Also I recently signed up for their Dining Club Card after reading about it on Nadine's blog - the card gets you at least 20% off when booking online - so I thought it would be a nice little bargain lunch!

Unfortunately, on that Sunday when it came to bill time I was a complete idiot and totally forgot about the dining card in my purse (I remembered on the bus home and was like "nooooooo!") so we didn't get our discount but it ended up being £25 each for a main, dessert and a cocktail which wasn't that bad at all.  

We opted for cocktails instead of starters (of course), so I had a strawberry mojito and my mum went for a rose sangria.  My mojito was yummy, I've never had anything other than a regular old mojito so it was interesting to try a different spin on the classic.  The rose sangria went down well and apparently tasted just like Sangria which I guess is what they were going for!

Cocktails at Gusto Edinburgh
L-R rose sangria & strawberry mojito

The last few times I've been to Gusto I've always had the same main as I love it so much - the rigatoni primavera with chicken.  My mum, who hadn't been before, went for this and also agreed it was delicious! I decided to be a bit different this time though and went for something from the meat menu - roast chicken with butter fried gnocchi and a salsa verde dressing.  This was absolutely gorgeous, the chicken was so juicy and succulent, the gnocchi was cooked perfectly (not too soggy) and the salsa and pesto dressing topped it off brilliantly.  I could have eaten a whole second plateful!

Roast chicken with butter fried gnocchi and salsa verde dressing Gusto Edinburgh
roast chicken with butter fried gnocchi and salsa verde dressing

As it was a special occasion (not really) we decided to treat ourselves and have a dessert for once (not really).  Mum went for the 3 scoop ice cream coupe, choosing vanilla, strawberry and chocolate (boring! :p) whilst I went for the rather yummy sounding bombolini (homemade mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce and cream).  When my doughnuts arrived I said to my mum "there's no way I'll finish this" but emmm I somehow managed to scoff the lot!  The mini doughnuts smelt incredible (reminded me of being at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool!), were well coated in sugar, crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside - perfection.  I didn't really touch much of the cream but the chocolate sauce went down very nicely indeed.

Bombolini mini doughnuts at Gusto Edinburgh
bombolini - homemade mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce and cream

All in all it was a lovely meal - the food was great, service was friendly and fairly quick, and the place in general has a really nice atmosphere (not too loud, tables aren't too cramped and it has a lovely clean,  luxurious and modern feel to it).  I'm still salivating at the thought of those doughnuts, so will definitely be back soon.....and this time I'll remember to take out the discount card!

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