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Sunday, 4 November 2012
A few weeks ago ELF had a 50% off when you spend £50 offer on, and given that you can get absolutely TONS of makeup from them for £50 I thought it sounded like too good an offer to refuse! 

ELF is a funny one for me - I rarely buy anything from them but when I do it's always on one of these type of offers so I end up buying loads of things at once. Generally I find the products hit and miss with some things turning out to be really great value (I've been using their liquid eyeliner for years) and others being a bit of a dud (I've tried their pencil eyeliners and really didn't like them - far too hard and scratchy).  However, given their cheapness I don't really mind if I try things from them that I don't end up liking as it's not like I've spent a fortune on them.

I haven't had the chance to properly try out all of the products I bought recently yet, so this post is more of a brief overview of my haul as opposed to a proper review (I might at some point write a full review on some items depending on how much use I get out of them). I've split the mini review into Eyes, Lips, Face (get it?) and Miscellaneous.

ELF Makeup Haul
hmm sorry this looks a bit blurry!

Eye Products

ELF eye products

I really like the concealer - I've had this before and it does a good job on my dark undereye circles.  I use the highlighter end in the corner of my eye to give a nice bright, wide eye look.

I've been using the "tame" side (the brown end) to tidy up and set my brows after using my Benefit Instant Brow Pencil.  I haven't used the "treat" side yet but I'm looking forward to giving this a go as I really want my brows to be thicker (curse my overplucking teen self - you've ruined my future brows!) and this is supposed to stimulate growth. 

The mascara isn't anything special really - I've mainly been using this on my lower lashes as I don't feel like it really does enough with my top lashes.  Lengthening wise it does a fairly good job, but I don't feel like it gives me any volume and certainly isn't any match for my current mascara favourites Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp and the Avon Super Enchant.


soothing lip balm - strawberry creme
matte lip colour - coral 

Matte Lip Colour in Nearly Nude - £3.75
I really like the colour of this, it looks quite dark on my swatch but it's a nice nudey peach on the lips.  It's not got the creamiest of consistencies though so it feels quite drying on my lips - although that's maybe because I'm so used to wearing the Revlon Lip Butters these days.

Soothing Lip Balm in Strawberry Creme - £1.50
This smells yummy, which is what I was hoping with a name like "strawberry creme".  I don't really need any more lip balm as I seem to have a never ending supply of it, but none that smell this nice!


body shimmer swatch

blush swatch

I'm not too sure about this one yet.  It's basically like a loose powder that you are supposed to put on your spots as an overnight treatment  I've used it a few times but haven't felt like it's made any difference to my spots, and also it feels really weird putting makeup on before going to bed!  I might start trying it over the top of my foundation as a concealer instead and will report back if it's any better.

Body Shimmer in Cosmic Coral - £3.75
This can be used on your face or body, depending on where you want some highlight/shimmer.  So far I've used it above my cheekbones as a highlighter - I find it quite difficult to use on the face though as it's a creme (maybe it's just me, but I feel like it sticks on my skin and is hard to blend into a subtle shimmer).

Blush in Coral - £5.00
I ordered the coral as I normally wear pinky blushes so I thought it would be a nice peachy change, but it's FAR too dark for me.  I put it on the other day and I looked majorly tangoed, I had to pile on tons of pressed powder to tone it down.  

Misc Products

Mineral Mist - £6.00
I feel like after sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day at work my face starts to look a bit dull towards late afternoon so I liked the idea of a spray like this to give my face a little boost.  I've got this in my handbag for an afternoon touch up, although I'll be honest and say that I've only remembered to use it like twice so far and I don't feel like it has really made much difference to my face.  Oh well!

Brush Shampoo - £3.75
I've been meaning to buy a proper brush shampoo for ages as I normally just use antibacterial handwash to do my makeup brushes.  I used this earlier today actually and it seemed to work well, my brushes are squeaky clean and are drying on a towel as we speak  One thing though is I did feel like I had to use quite a lot of the shampoo to work up a lather, so I'll probably find that I get through the bottle quite quickly. 

Zip Zapper - £1.50
For the last few years I've been using the Origins Spot Remover to tackle any spots and it's been a total lifesaver, but I thought I'd give this a try as it seems to contain pretty much the same ingredients, and it was cheap.  I've used it a few times and it seems to work just as well as the Origins treatment

I've been meaning to buy something like this for ages as I'm forever getting bits of mascara or liquid eyeliner on my cheek/eyelids just as I've finished my face and have the try it pick it off without smudging the whole look.  I've not needed to use this yet, but I'm hoping it will come in handy.

Are there any ELF products that you'd recommend I try?  Like I said earlier, I find it a bit hit and miss, so if you've found any hidden gems let me know!

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