Ebay Clothes Sale

Monday, 5 November 2012
I'm one of those people who is really bad for buying lots of clothes and then either changing my mind once I get home, losing interest after a few wears, or buying things online that don't fit and then I never get round to returning them.  So this means I end up with a LOT of clothes in my wardrobe that I don't want/need.  

Last year around this time I started selling a bunch of clothes and DVDs on ebay and ended up building a balance of around £400 in my Paypal account which I then used to buy all my Christmas presents via ebay or other sites that use Paypal - effectively meaning I didn't need to spend any actual money on Christmas shopping which was brilliant.  I would really recommend this strategy if you're looking to save some money this Christmas.

I really want to do the same again this year, so I've started going through my wardrobe and sorting things into keep, recycle and ebay piles.  As I get really bored during the uploading to ebay process (I hate it!) I'm just going to put up a little at a time, and have added the first batch this weekend.  Most of the stuff has never been worn, so if you're a size 16-20 then take a look as you might find a bargain!

Gold sequin jacket
gold sequin jacket - size 20

dorothy perkins black sparkle boucle jacket - size 20

matalan dress - size 18

lace skater dress - size 20

H&M cream tutu dress - size 16

ASOS denim shorts - size 22

accessorize sequin bolero - size L

dorothy perkins dark denim shorts - size 20

All items close on Sunday 11th November.


  1. I really need to do the same, I can never be bothered to actually upload everything though! I love that sequin bolero, definitely gonna keep an eye on it! xx

    1. I am so lazy with ebay it's ridiculous - I find it a massive pain putting things on though - it takes ages (taking photos, setting up the listing, writing the description, uploading the photos etc). I need to hire someone to do my ebaying for me, lol.

      You should totally do it though, this is quite a good time of year to do it too - dresses especially go for a good price (last year I sold a few used dresses for about £15 each, and the only cost about £20 each to begin with!).