Christmas Party Dresses

Friday, 2 November 2012
I can't actually believe it is November already - less than 8 weeks till Christmas, argh!!!!  It's also only 5 weeks until my work Christmas party so I'm on the hunt for the perfect party dress.  I've been doing a lot of online browsing but haven't bought anything to try on yet - I guess I should really get a move on!  

I kind of have an idea in my head of what I'd like (black dress, capped sleeves, skater style short skirt, and some sort of embellishment like sequins or studs) but I find that once I've created an outfit in my head it's then impossible to find something because I'm determined to find something close to my idea.  So I'm trying to keep my options open a bit instead, otherwise it's going to take ages to find a dress!

Here's a selection of some of my favourites so far.

I love the colour of this dress and the shape, but it's maybe a bit plain?  I could probably dress it up with jewellery and a belt though I guess.

Almost everything about this dress is perfect - the shape, the embellishment, the neckline, they even have it in a gorgeous berry colour too.... but it's bloody backless!  Whyyyyy do designers do this....the vast majority of women cannot get away with wearing a dress with no bra - I get so annoyed when I see really nice dresses but then find out it has no back, grrrr!

damn you ASOS!


I like this but I'm not sure if the shape would suit me or not - I've got a feeling the peplum skirt might just accentuate my belly and make my bum look huge!

I'm loving the berry shades this season, and I like the little embellishment round the collar.  Think I might order this one and see how it looks on.

I've never bought anything from AX Paris before but I know they do a plus size range so I was checking out their dresses and there are some really nice ones on there.  Think I'll definitely order this one to try.

The detailing on this dress is gorgeous - the only thing putting me off is the price tag - £120?!!

How adorable is this?!  I love the bow at the front and the sequin detail, so cute!

I really like the all over sequins on this, but I'm worried the all white look might be a bit "weddingy" - also given that I'm a notorious spiller it's perhaps just asking for trouble...

You might remember me mentioning that I was going to my first bloggers meetup last month - well I did go and I had a great time meeting lots of lovely Scottish bloggers.  Gill and Roisin are looking into organising a Scottish Bloggers Christmas Party so I'm planning on getting one dress that I can wear to both parties with different accessories, in an attempt to be more thrifty.  

Last year I managed to be quite thrifty with my party outfit and got a bargain ensemble from H&M (although it was completely last minute - like 2 days before the party!) - I teamed a cream tutu-style dress with a black lace jacket then accessoried with black jewellery, a black waist belt and black ankle boots - so the black accesories rocked up the girly tutu dress.  

I don't have any full length photos but here's some pics from the night (looking back now I absolutely hate my makeup - I look so pale! - and my hair looks far too brassy!).

Fingers crossed I manage to find something in time this year, without having to spend a fortune!

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