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Sunday, 11 November 2012
I saw this tag on Gillian's blog and thought I'd give it a go as I've not done one of these Q&A's before.

1. What are your favourite types of blog post to write? 

I’d probably say lifestyle type posts – I really enjoyed writing my Life in 2007 post, it was so much fun looking through old pictures and summing up my life back then. I also really like doing outfit inspiration type posts – like blogger challenges (this was one of my faves) or seasonal trends (like my recent Christmas jumpers one) – as it’s great fun browsing for items and putting them all together. 

2. What are your favourite blogs to read?

Lots! I really like blogs that have a mix of themes, like a bit of beauty, a bit of fashion, and anything else they are interested in. I also like blogs with a lot of life update type posts as it’s nice to get to know the person whose blog you are reading. Some of my current favourites for beauty though are Couture Girl, ETC LLYMLRS, and and Peaches

3. How did you pick your blog name?

I changed my blog name a few months ago when Gillian did my redesign. To come up with the name I basically wrote down a bunch of things I liked or that were associated with me and started pairing them up ( I liked the idea of an “X & Y” name), and “Cocktails & Daydreams” seemed to pair up nicely! 

4. Which beauty blogger is your inspiration? 

Probably Kate from gh0stparties – she’s pretty much my go-to for skincare reviews! 

5. Name one tip you've learned through another beauty blogger? 

I normally follow the #bbloggers chat on a Sunday and Wednesday night (but rarely contribute) and some of the best tips I’ve got from that are: write with some personality, turn off word verification on comments, don’t be afraid to write a negative review (be honest!) and big pictures are your friend. 

6. What made you make a blog? 

One day I was searching for something online (can’t remember what...think it was outfit related?) and I stumbled across Rani’s blog and ended up looking through about 20 pages of outfit of the day posts! From there I looked at the blogs she had linked to in the sidebar and did the same on their blogs etc until I’d found a whole load of beauty and fashion blogs – it was a world I didn’t know existed! 

After reading blogs for about a month I decided to get in on the action and set up my own one – I’m always buying and trying new beauty products and putting together outfit ideas and stuff in my head anyway so I figured it would be nice to have a place to actually put all this down. Also with the lifestyle type posts it sort of acts as a diary, so I like having this as a record of what I’ve been up to that I can look back on on in future years. 

7. Do you have a favourite blog post of yours? 

Hmmm can't think of one in particular, no!

8. Name one pro and one con of being a beauty blogger? 

 One pro is definitely being part of the blogging community (search #scottishbloggers on Twitter to find more of us!)– I’ve only been to one meetup so far but I had such a nice time and met lots of lovely people. At 27 years old you don’t get many opportunities to make new friends (unlike uni days when you’re meeting new people all the time) so this has been a great way of meeting new people who I can chat to on Twitter etc – especially about beauty stuff as not many of my real life friends share my obsession! 

A con is that you end up spending A LOT of money – reading all these blogs I find out about so many new products that I then want to try and end up spending a fortune on buying new makeup and skincare bits. Skincare has been the main thing for me as I used to just make do with Simple Cleansing Wipes day and night, that was it (so that’s what....£3.99 maybe twice a month?), but now I’ve got an extensive skincare regime involving several different cleansers, masks, serums etc which probably costs about £50 a month on average...big change! 

I TAG all you beauty blogging readers to do this too :)

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