Halloween Costumes

Monday, 29 October 2012
With Halloween this Wednesday (and also my mum's birthday - Happy Birthday Mum!) I've seen a few bloggers put up fancy dress posts and it's made me want to do my own!  I'm not going to any Halloween parties myself this year (you know you're getting old when the fancy dress party invites stop rolling in!) but back in the day I used to be a big fan of DIY outfits so I thought I'd share some of my costumes from over the years so we can all have a good laugh.



This costume was a bit of a disaster - one of those that sounds AMAZING in your head but then when you put it all together it goes a bit wrong.  I wore this at a Halloween party at my flat in 2007, and actually had to change out of this costume halfway through as it had fallen apart so much (I left behind me a little cotton wool trail....the next day you could work out exactly where I'd been in the flat/outside due to the little piles of cotton wool!).  

I wouldn't recommend recreating this outfit, but here's how I made it:  I took a cheap black skirt and long-sleeved black top (which I already had), bought a big bag of cotton wool balls from Boots and then glued them all ofer the body of the top using PVA glue.  I also glued 2 cotton wool balls to a black hairband (again, this was already in my wardrobe) and then finished the look off by using black kohl eyeliner to draw on a nose!  Oh yeah and the red stain on the front isn't part of the costume....I'd just spilled my drink down myself, classy. 

All in all this was a super cheap outfit as all I needed to buy was the cotton wool and glue, and it definitely looked homemade so you could tell I'd put a bit more effort in than if I'd just word a shop bought costume!

Woodland Fairy

better look at the wings - taken on the night I had to change out of the sheep costume!

It might not look it, but this outfit took AGES to make.  Pretty much everything came from eBay so it was fairly cheap - I basically bought regular old fairy wings from  then glued on loads of leaves (which I also bought from ebay....yep, I actually bought a bag of leaves!), similarly I wore a hairband that also had leaves glued on.  The tutu was also from ebay, and I wore it with a plain brown tee from Topshop with, you guessed it, leaves glued round the neckline.  The boots I borrowed from my sister and wrapped brown ribbon around the top.  Finally the necklace was a cheap pendant from New Look (I think) that I stuck a big leaf on.  I wore this in 2005 to a friends flat party and also a party for our 1st years at Frankensteins (I lived/worked as a Residents Assistant in uni accommodation in my final 2 years of uni - it was great fun, I'd highly recommend it!).

I think this is one of my favourite outfits from over the years purely because I put so much effort into it!  If you wanted to recreate this outfit you could save money even further by collecting your own leaves for glueing on (rather than being a saddo like me and buying craft leaves online!).

Army Girl


This was the first flat party that I went to with B (it was also the night I drunkenly told him I loved him...awww). The outfit was quite an easy one; the tutu, bullet belt, dog tag, headband and face paint all came from ebay.  B was dressed as Donnie Darko by the way!

Are you a fan of homemade halloween costumes, or do you prefer to splash out on a proper outfit from a fancy dress shop?  I'm definitely more of a DIY girl - partly because it's generally the cheaper option (I did buy a Red Riding Hood outfit from an online fancy dress shop a few years ago but it cost like £30 and I only wore it once!) and also because it's a lot of fun putting the outfit together!

*This post is my entry into the Moneysupermarket.com Home Made Halloween competition*


  1. I've nominated you for a liebster award, see my post for more info :). Lea x

  2. The sheep costume reminds me of when I went dressed as Cindy Lou-Who, luckily there are not pictures, but it just didn't work! My hair kept falling down, and my red cape was fashioned from a red fleece jacket! Good one haha... I love this post, sadly I don't have many pictures of my many costumes! :(

  3. I bet the sheep costume took ages to do. The thought of a bottle of crazy glue and a couple of packs of cotton balls does appeal to me though :p

  4. Thank you for this- there are so many adorable homemade cotton ball sheep costumes on Pinterest, but I was thinking that I doubt they hold up well and I doubt they look as good in person. I think I am going to try a different method. Thanks for your honesty about the sheep!