Winter Coat Watch

Friday, 28 September 2012
As it's starting to get colder and the mornings and evenings are getting darker, I thought it was about time I started to think about buying a new winter coat. I'm quite looking forward to the winter months actually, I'm definitely more of a winter girl than a summer girl - give me boots, tights and a jumper over bare legs and sandals any day! Also I'm much rather be cosying up on a warm sofa watching TV with a cup of hot chocolate than say being at the beach, burning in the hot sun, trying to eat an ice cream and being pestered by wasps! 

When it comes to winter wear I'm not one of those sensible people who buys a "classic coat" that they can reuse year after year, mainly because I change my mind quite a lot so it's unlikely I'll like something long enough to wear it two years in a row!  So this means I end up splashing out on a new coat every year.  

I've been doing a bit of online browsing and haven't committed to anything yet - but here's some of my favourites so far. It's helped to give me an idea of what I actually want, so I think I'm looking for something with a hood, probably with a swing style (as it's the most flattering for my shape), or maybe a duffle coat.

1) ASOS £75.00
2) Very £49.00
3) Debenhams £49.00
4) Next £60.00
5) Dorothy Perkins £62.10*

I'm off to Primark after work this evening (when it should be nice and quiet!) so I'll have a little nose around their coats section to see if there are any cheap alternatives out there - fingers crossed! I might also have a look for some jumpers - ooooh I can't wait to start wearing cost clothes again! Have you started shopping for your winter wardrobe yet?  

*RRP is £69 but DP's have a 30% off deal on just now


  1. Cant wait to rap up warm for winter lol love number 5! x

    1. Me too! I bought like 3 jumpers tonight and was so excited about it, haha! I love 5 too, the bow detail round the waist is really cute. x

  2. I just got a navy duffle coat in Primark today for £30, I love it! They also had it in grey and red :)
    -Dara x