Tresemme Split Remedy

Saturday, 1 September 2012
When I did an online Dorothy Perkins order recently (shopping the sale!) I got some samples of the new Tresemme line in my parcel.  The Tresemme Split Remedy range claims to reduce split ends by up to 80% after just 3 uses, thanks to the "revolutionary Reconstructing Complex" (oooooh!).  Given that I have really damaged hair at the moment I was looking forward to giving this a try.

The sample pack contained 3 sachets; Split Mend Shampoo, Split Mend Conditioner, and Split Mend & Protect Leave In Treatment.  The pictures below are of the empty sachets which I know isn't particularly exciting, but it's better than nothing!

Tresemme Split Remedy Samples

The shampoo and conditioner sachets had enough for one wash (if my hair was shorter I might have managed to get two goes out of it), so bear in mind that my review here is only based on the first use.  It smells lovely, nice and fresh and a fruity twist.  However that was about the only thing I liked about it really.  For saying it's meant to help damaged hair, I would've expected my hair to be left feeling smooth, particularly at the ends.  However even when I was rinsing off the conditioner my hair didn't have that nice silky feeling that you usually get when it's been conditioned - it barely felt any different to when I was rinsing off the shampoo.  Now this might have been because I only had a small sachet to work with, and if I had a bottle I'd have probably used a lot more of it - but you shouldn't have to pile on the product in order for it to work, that's just the sign of cheap ingredients.

Once I was out of the shower I used some of the split end repair treatment on the ends (more on that later), gave it a quick spray with my usual Aussie heat protection spray and fired up the hairdryer.  The end result was pretty disappointing - my hair looked really dry and felt strawlike, not what I was hoping for from a repair/protect range!  I know it's slightly unfair to judge on just one use, but given the results from the sample I'm hardly likely to buy the full bottle just to see if it gives better results after continued use am I?

Tresemme Split Remedy Split Mend & Protect Leave In Treatment Sachet

Tresemme Split Remedy Split Mend & Protect Leave In Treatment Sachet

Now onto the split end repair treatment - this also came in a sachet but I managed to get about 4 uses out of it (and remember, the range claims to reduce split ends by up to 80% in 3 uses.....) so this hopefully makes for a slightly fairer review.  Unfortunately, as with the shampoo and conditioner though I'm not really impressed at all.  I applied this to the ends of my hair (like the last 2 inches or so) when wet, just before blow drying.  However once blowdried I saw no positive effect at all - the ends of my hair felt really dry and horrible (sometimes there also seemed to be a slight build up left from the product, despite me only using around a 5p size blob) and my split ends were just as visible as they had been before.  This is one product I definitely won't be purchasing!  

I will caveat this by saying though that my hair is probably at the more extreme end of the damaged scale given the amount of bleaching it's been through in the last year - so it's perhaps unfair to moan about the products not working, as I'm perhaps expecting a lot from a budget brand.  Maybe if your hair is on the more normal end of the scale this range might work for you?  

Have you tried any of the new Tresemme samples?  Let me know what you thought below!


  1. I'm not a fan of Tresemmé because of this! I've never got on with any of their products. I prefer Aussie anyday!

  2. I agree Lynne - I also used the 3 samples to no avail!!

  3. I used this stuff too - the shampoo/conditioner was fairly average but the split ends stuff clogged in my hair, made it look as if I hadn't washed it and make it tangle like nothing on earth! I only used about 1/3 of the sachet so I can't imagine what would happen if you used more than that.....

  4. Thanks Mum and Soph - glad it wasn't just me then, lol!