Paris Highlights

Thursday, 20 September 2012
Hello I'm back from a lovely 5 days in Paris!  We had a great time taking in the sights, eating lots of pastries and frites (not together), watching crap US crime dramas in bed (it was the only English TV they had!) and doing lots and lots of walking (my poor feet are blistered and sore!).  Normal blogging service will resume at the weekend, but for now here's some highlights from our trip....

an obligatory Eiffel Tower pic

relaxing by the fountains at the Trocadero 

enjoying a pastry for breakfast in the Tuilleries 

gawping at the stunning architecture at The Louvre 

lusting after amazing Egyptian jewellery (The Louvre) 

enjoying the (albeit foggy) view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower 

smiling smugly at B's fear of heights! 

enjoying a river cruise, complete with funky audio commentary sticks

visiting Notre Dame 

being excited about travelling on a double-decker train 


hearing B scream "FUCK OFFF!" on the Tower of Terror 

chaining a padlock to the Pont Des Arts bridge (yep, we wrote out initials on a plaster!) 

amazing steak and frites 

mmmm giant macarons 

looking forward to cooking "Paris Pasta" (using up my Euro coins at Duty Free)