MoneySupermarket Style Challenge #4 | First Date

Friday, 7 September 2012
Time for another category in the MoneySupermarket style challenge - today it's First Date. 

Now the last time I went on a first date was 4 years ago, so at first I was like "hmmm what WOULD I actually wear on a first date?!" - but after a bit of searching I think I've found my ideal date outfit.  As per the other categories in this competition I've decided to choose all my items from one retailer - so for First Date I've gone with H&M.  One thing I love about the H&M website is their virtual dressing room where you can "try on" your items before you - it's great for building outfit ideas (in fact, I used it last year before Christmas and basically designed my party outfit that I then went and bought in store!).

For this outfit I've chosen a statement skirt and accessorised with a teal/turquoise blazer, shoes and bracelet to draw out the turquoisy tones in the skirt.  As the skirt, jacket and shoes are pretty bright I've gone for a fairly plain top and bag, as I think it would look too busy if I went for anything with a pattern and look too matchy if I went for more turquoise.  The bracelet was a perfect find as it has just a touch of turquoise to tie in with the outfit, and the dark grey/metallic colour matches well with the necklace and contrasts nicely against the white top.

blazer | bag | tee | skirt | necklace | shoes | tights | bracelet

Tomorrow I'll post my final entry for the competition which has the theme "Office Wear".  If you're as big a fan of style challenges as me then be sure to check out my other entries for the MoneySupermarket comp - Party, Casual, and Outdoor - or to see them all in one read my intro post.

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