MoneySupermarket Style Challenge #3 | Outdoor

Thursday, 6 September 2012
The third category in the MoneySupermarket Style Challenge is Outdoors.  For this category I've chosen to select my items from New Look (as I mentioned in yesterdays post - you don't need to pick all your items for an outfit from the one place, I've just decided to do this!).

As the theme is outdoors the main focus of this outfit are the coat and accessories, with a fairly plain tee and shorts combo underneath.  Every winter I seem to go for a boring black coat, so I thought I'd be different and pick something a little bit more interesting, but in a colour that will still go with most outfits - and this burgundy number caught my eye.

Plum/burgundy seems to be one of the hot colours this Autumn/Winter as I've seen it feature a lot in retailers' new season collections.  It's not a colour I would normally choose to wear - perhaps because it reminds me of school as it was a prominent colour in both my primary and high school uniforms - but it's definitely growing on me so I'm sure it will feature in my wardrobe this winter.

I love the bag, I think it looks a little bit like a mans bag, but I like the androgynony of it.  I've gone for fairly classic black knitwear - you can't really go wrong with black hat, scarf and gloves as it will go with everything.  The gloves are those multi-way mittens with the foldover bit for the fingers - I've bought this style of gloves for the last few years and they are so handy (excuse the pun) as you have the freedom to do things like play with your iPhone and can then quickly turn them into cosy mittens once your fingers get too chilly.  Finally to finish off the look I've added a little black umbrella - living in Scotland you pretty much need one of these in your handbag at all times!

coat | umbrella | tee | shorts | tights | boots | bag | gloves | hat | scarf

Over the next few days I'll post outfits for the remaining categories: First Date and Office Wear.  You can also check out my other entries - Party and Casual - or my intro post on the competition.

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