MoneySupermarket Style Challenge #1 | Party

Tuesday, 4 September 2012
First up in the MoneySupermarket Passion For Fashion Style Challenge is to create a Party outfit.  This was the one I was most excited about - I love planning night out outfits, and I've actually already started mentally my work Christmas party outfit ( SEPTEMBER!).

I've decided to use just one retailer for each outfit category (mainly because I was finding it really difficult to narrow down an idea after looking at so many websites!).  So for the Party outfit I've chosen all of my items from ASOS.

I've built this outfit around the statement clutch - how amazing is this bag?!  I know blue and black traditionally don't really go together but I think it matches in nicely with the LBD.  I love the dress, the shape looks really flattering, and it's a bit more exciting than your usual black dress due to the embellished detailing on the collar and sleeves.  To bring out the blue in the bag more I've added a blue waist belt, and a gorgeous glittery midnight blue eyeshadow from Nars for some dramatic eye action. I think this whole ensemble would be perfect for the Christmas party season!

dress | belt | clutch | wedges | eyeshadow

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