Holidays: The Liquid Allowance Dilemma

Thursday, 13 September 2012
I'm off to Paris at the weekend for a 4 night holiday with B (yaaaay!).  We're only taking hand luggage which means I need to fit all of my beauty products into a tiny 20x20cm liquid allowance bag - c'est impossible!!

I've been sorting through all of my stuff recently though and have worked out which things I absolutely need to take, which things I can switch for minis, and which things I can leave and just buy when we're there.  I thought it might be quite useful to share what I'm taking on here as some of your might find yourself in a similar predicament next time you're flying, so hopefully you can use some of these tips!

Also before we go on, I apologise for the crap quality of the pictures - I took them on my iphone at night and I didn't realise they were so rubbish until I uploaded them!  Really should have taken them in the daytime, iphone photos look so much better in natural light.  Anyway....!

Read on to find out how I managed to get from THIS.... THIS!


Firstly let's look at hair products.  Over a normal 5 day period I use various lotions and potions on my hair as well as the usual shampoo and conditioner, including volumising spray, heat protective spray, dry shampoo and hair oil.  To downsize I'm taking a small bottle of Clynol colour care shampoo (from a Glossybox), a mini Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, and a Paul Mitchell hair oil treatment (again from a Glossybox).  I'm just going to have to go with the old backcombing technique instead of relying on dry shampoo and volumising spray to give my roots some "oomph"!


With makeup I tend to rotate my 3 favourite foundations (and actually mix some of them usually - as the Mac one is a bit too light for me).  I also rotate my 2 favourite mascaras, and use different Revlon Lip Butters depending on my mood.  To downsize I'm taking away my options by only taking 1 foundation and 1 mascara, along with a concealer (in case I get holiday spots!) and 2 lip butters.


My skincare routine is where I'm making the biggest sacrifice, going from a cleanser, toner and moisturiser routine to just Simple Cleansing Wipes.  Up until a few months ago this basically was my entire skincare routine (seriously) - I used the Simple wipes morning and evening, no moisturiser or anything (I used an exfoliater once a week in the shower but that was it).  Now though I spend a lot more time (and money) on my skin so it's going to feel a bit strange going back to a lazy-girl routine, even if it's just for a few days!  The only other skincare item I'm taking is a facial SPF - I've got mini bottles of REN and Elizabeth Arden SPF 15 so I'll take both of those.


I've got quite a big selection of perfumes in my drawer but the main ones I use are Valentino Valentina, Vera Wang Princess Night, and Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom -  unfortunately they are the 3 with the biggest bottles so there's no way I can take them with me.  Luckily for me though I have a few perfume samples that I really like - 2 are "try"'s that I got through What's In My and the Prada sample came free with a Escentual order - so I'm going to take them instead.  So from 3 big bottles to 3 tiny samples - that's a lot of space saved!

Everything Else

Some of these are essentials that I can't leave behind or find smaller alternatives - i.e. my contact lenses and deodorant - but I'm planning on buying shower gel and sun lotion at the airport once we're through security as you can take a bag of purchases with you on the plane that doesn't count as part of your liquid allowance - sneaky!

So there we have it - that's how I'm planning on fitting my beauty essentials into my hand luggage.  I will probably find it annoying not having all my usual lotions and potions at hand, but I'm sure I'll be having such a lovely time that I won't care if I can't use dry shampoo or exfoliate or use a face mask for 5 days!

Now that I've packed it all up I'm actually shocked at how much room I have left  - so I think I'm going to add a few more things in, like a second foundation and mascara, a little mini shower gel, and my Yves Rocher anti-blemish lotion (ooh I might also take the Origins Spot Remover just in case the sun gives me a breakout!).

Let me know if you have any other useful packing tips for me in the comments!

Au revoir!!


  1. I'm usually terrible at turning my make-up into travel size - but one thing I usually do is see if I can swap some liquid beauty products for powder or wipes. And leave fiddly bits of beauty behind that are just because I'm obsessed (i.e. my daily hand soak haha).

    Morag x

  2. I always end up taking far to much with me when i go away find it so hard to choose what to take, great blog xx