A Week in Instagrams #24

Sunday, 9 September 2012

1) Mr Bump lollies - like bubblegum flavour Fab's - so good!
2) I drink too many frappuccinos
3) "Mini pancakes" from Dominos - very mini indeed!
4) Waiting on the bus to the hairdressers
5) Homemade choc and caramel brownies (recipe coming soon!)
6) Funny posters outside the National Library
7) I've taken to freezing bottles of water and drinking them while they defrost
8) FOTD and new hair
9) Primark haul

Fairly quiet week, and according to my photos I largely seem to have been eating junk food...hmmm.  Had my first hair appointment in what felt like ages on Saturday (time to get rid of the roots from hell!) and decided to go for a slightly darker caramel/honey blonde this time which is a nice change from the usual platinum/white.  

Over the weekend I also did quite a lot of blogging, so coming up this week I have posts on a new skincare line I've been trialling, a small Primark haul, a recipe post for the chocolate brownies pictured above, and some pre-holiday posts on outfit planning and packing beauty products when you need to fit everything into a tiny liquid allowance bag (title needs work).


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