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Friday, 31 August 2012
When I was on holiday last week I decided to treat myself to a new camera.  I've had my current trusty Canon for about 2 years or so but over the last few months it's started to occasionally do this really annoying thing where I'll take a photo and it all looks fine when I view it on the camera, but then when I go to view it later it says "image cannot be displayed" and when I upload it to the computer it's just blank.  It's really annoying as it's not like it happens when you take the photo (if it did then I wouldn't mind as much, as I'd just retake the picture) so I've lost quite a few pictures from holidays/nights out etc because of it.

Now I'm not sure if I've mentioned it......but I'm going to Paris later this month, and I would be super annoyed if my camera lost a bunch of my holiday photos so I thought I'd just bite the bullet and buy a new one.  I've got an account on so I had a look at their cameras and thought the Samsung MV800 looked really cool, plus it was on sale for £149 (was £240) so I bought it.  They had it in black, white and red - I went for the white, just like my cute little netbook.

I love the cool flip screen - it will make cheesy self shots so much easier (no more chopping off B's head!) and it will also be great for taking outfit posts for the blog as you can use the screen to prop the camera up at an angle.

I can't wait to take this baby to Paris!


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