A Week in Instagrams #21

Monday, 20 August 2012

1) Some Feel Unique.com treats
2) Paris planning
3) My yummy homemade steak pie (if I do say so myself)
4) Festival fun
5) Matalan purchases
6) Bought a hair doughnut this week and I am now obsessed with buns!

Got into the festival spirit this week and went to two shows; Russell Kane on Wednesday and Jon Richardson on Sunday - both great!  Normally I've been to about 5 times as many shows by this point, but I've cut back massively on my festival-going this year to try and save money.

I was ill on Friday and Saturday unfortunately, so I missed two nights out - dinner and a show with some girl friends on Friday, and drinks on Saturday that turned into an impromptu reunion as J&J briefly returned from France for a few days due to car troubles!  Felt better by the end of the weekend though which is nice and handy as I'm off work now for a week - woooo!  Planning to meet up with friends for lunches/drinks, see some shows and hang out with my sister before she goes back down to Sunderland, should be a good week!

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