A Week in Instagrams #19

Monday, 6 August 2012
1) Faaaace
2) Weight Watchers cakes - 2 at a time is allowed yeah?
3) Preparing a skincare favourites post
4) Burger and a pint at Spiegeltent with some folks from work on Friday
5) Gym time
6) Awesome steak sandwich at Le Monde
7) My mums huuuge Eton Mess
8) A gold post box for Chris Hoy - come on Team GB! 
9) Cocktail in a tin can at Treacle
10) Sam and Shara at Michael McIntyre 
(my phone died just as Sam tried to take one of me and Colin!)

It's festival time in Edinburgh - yaaaaay!  Here's to a month of busy buses, jostling past slow walking tourists, standing in the rain drinking overpriced cider surrounded by annoying drunk people, sitting in tiny, stifling hot rooms listening to comedians telling jokes about the trams and the cold weather, and having no money left 2 weeks after pay day.  Ha, I do love it though!  This year however I'm totally cutting back on the number of shows I go to - the last few years B and I have been to see loads (fitting in 3 shows a night some days) but it costs an absolute fortune so this year we're being a bit more sensible.  So far I've only got tickets for 3 things: Russell Kane, Jon Richardson and The Ladyboys.  Also I'll be going to see my sister in a musical at the Stand 3 at some point too!  If you're coming through to the festival this year be sure to check out my post on tips for getting the most from your trip :)

So what have I been doing this week....well I've watched A LOT of the Olympics, before it started I was like "meh, not bothered" but now I'm totally into it!  It's basically been on in our house every night since the opening ceremony, I'm not quite sure what we're going to do when it's finished.  I think it's also helped spur on my own fitness plans, as B and I went to the gym 3 times - which is the most I've ever gone in one week.  I've switched from the City Centre Pure Gym to the Ocean Terminal one (which had always been my secondary gym anyway) and I much prefer it - it's so much brighter and there's a lot more machines on offer.

I had a great day on Sunday, starting off with lunch with my mum at Le Monde, then a little wander around Bristo Square in the rain (quick catch up with my sister whilst she was flyering), few drinks with Colin in the Pleasance Dome before we taxi-ed it down to York Place to meet Sam and Shara at Treacle where we had some cocktails and then went over to the Playhouse to see Michael McIntyre (hilarious!).  Pretty long day so I was knackered by the time I got home, but luckily I was working from home today so I didn't really need to bother getting properly dressed or speak to anyone so it didn't matter that I was tired.  I had joiners in replacing our front door (remember how I said we got burgled in February?  Yeah this was us just getting the new door now....in August....6 months later) and they were here for 9 AND A HALF HOURS banging and drilling - not the most condusive working environment.

Coming up this week is B and I's 4 year anniversary so we've got dinner booked at Amicus Apple on Wednesday, looking forward to some cocktails!

Have a great week folks!

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