A Week in Instagrams #17

Sunday, 15 July 2012

1) Cheeky Pizza Hut lunch
2) Lunch with the wee sis
3) Office clean up
4) Visit to the National Gallery
5) My poor boots :(
6) Friday night in
7) New brush storage
8) Nice and tidy drawer
9) Wispa Mcflurry...mmmm!

Where has this week gone?!  I started the week off with a nice catch up lunch with my sister, getting all the goss from T in the Park.  B and I popped along to the National Gallery on Thursday night to see their latest exhibition which was good but ridiculously busy.  On Friday I'd attempted to organise a surprise going away party for some friends in just 24hrs but it failed miserably so I ended up having a night in instead!  

The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet, I did a lot of cleaning/tidying and watched both Batman films ahead of seeing the new one next Saturday at the Imax - can't wait!  B was out on Saturday night so for the second week in a row I was left to my own devices which basically involved getting a takeaway and watching what I want on the TV....rock and roll!


  1. Ohhh nooo I feel so guilty about the going away party :( I'm sorry! I'm such a liability lol... looking forward to Spice Jones tonight? :) xxx

  2. Haha aww don't worry, we can party it up at Spice Jones tonight to make up for it! Can't believe it will be our last night with you both before you jet off :( xx