A Week in Instagrams #16

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

1) Avon goodies
2) Pretty colours
3) I have nails!
4) New jewellery organiser - only £1 from Primark!
5) and 6) Date night with B
7) Vegetarian haggis starter
8) Amazing lamb
9) Chocolate and raspberry tart

I have some exciting news....I've stopped biting my nails! :)  OK it's not THAT exciting, but it is for me - I've been biting my nails for yonks but I'd started to feel quite jealous of people with nails recently after seeing lots of NOTD posts from other bloggers so I thought I'd try to stop.  I bought the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth treatment in Superdrug a few weeks ago and applied it religiously for about 2 weeks.  I'm not sure if it did actually help my nails grow, or if it was just that it gave them a coating so it stopped me nibbling on them, but they've definitely grown (I keep drumming my nails on things now, which is probably quite annoying!).

So to celebrate me having something resembling proper nails for the first time in about 10 years my Mum gave me a little goodie bag of nail things from Avon so I've been having fun painting my nail lots of different colours this week!

Also this week B and I went out for dinner at A Room in Leith on Friday - it's been a while since we last went out for a meal so it was nice to have a "date night"!  The food was lovely, plus we'd booked on a 5pm offer so got 2 courses for £19.95 which was very reasonable (we also went for dessert - of course - so that was an extra £5 each).  

The rest of the weekend was extremely lazy - I pretty much lived in my PJs the entire time, wore no makeup, and didn't even have a shower until Sunday.  B was out with his mates on Saturday night so I had the place to myself, did some online shopping and watched lots of T in the Park highlights (my little sister was there - although I was much happier watching it on a warm sofa, the weather looked horrendous!).

I've got a fairly quiet week ahead - I should be quite busy at work with reports but I don't have many meetings/calls scheduled in so it will be a "head down and get on with it" type of week.  At the weekend I think I'm going through to Glasgow for afternoon tea with my girlies so that should be fun!  Also my other mission for the week is to book a holiday - so far everything is looking mega expensive though, so wish me luck!

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