A Week in Instagrams #15

Thursday, 5 July 2012

1) B's homemade apple crumble
2) Trying out Xen-Tan
3) Homemade chilli nachos
4) My first Graze box
6) Off to the races
7) Workmates at the races
8) Nik and the parents

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger the last few weeks - I haven't written any proper posts in ages, and my weekly summary is 5 days late.  Must. Do. Better.

Anyway, last week was fairly busy - we had a company day out at the races on Friday so Monday-Thursday was a bit manic trying to get lots of work done .  I came away about £6 up at the races so I was quite chuffed with that :)  On Saturday I went down to sunny Sunderland with my parents to see my sister in a stage version of Hi De Hi.  Came back on Sunday and had a nice little pub lunch with my grandpa, and at night I had some friends round the flat to watch the football, eat takeaway and chat nonsense.  

Oh also I signed up to Graze recently and got my first box this week - I'm really impressed so far, there is so much more choice than I expected there to be, and I loved everything in my box (even the super healthy stuff!).  If any of you are thinking of signing up then you can get a free box by going to graze.com and entering the voucher code KYC5MLMD.  Don't say I'm not good to you....

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