A Week (or 2) in Instagrams #18

Sunday, 29 July 2012
Didn't get round to writing a weekly summary post last week so here's a double installment!  

Week 1

1) to 3) Boozing on the train to the KDY (the day before the drinking ban came into force)
4) to 6) The "deepthroat an ice lolly" challenge
7) Cake at Fifi & Ally's
8) Cute kitty
9) Playing a game of Carcassonne

The highlights of the first week were a trip through to the KDY with my best buds where we finally visited the Spice Jones World Buffet after having talked about it for almost a year (turns out, it's not great!).  This was a goodbye dinner for Jemma and James who moved to France this week to start a new life as house sitters - we will miss them lots!  Also this week, me and Emma went through to Glasgow to visit the lovely Sophie who has just moved into a new flat in the west end.  We went to Fifi & Ally's for lunch and amazing (but expensive) cakes, and then went back to her flat to see the kitties and play board games, like the responsible adults that we are.

Week 2

1) Bit of midweek Superdrug shopping
2) Distinguished finger
3) Strawberry and lime cider = yum
4) Preparing a "July Favourites" blog post

This week has been a bit quieter (hence the lack of pictures!), I went to see The Dark Knight Rises for the second time on Thursday night with some guys from work (first time was at the Imax last weekend) - if you haven't already seen it, you totally should - it's amazing!  On Saturday B took me out for for a nice lunch at International Starters at The Shore, then we had a little wander round Ocean Terminal and went home to watch the Olympics for the rest of the day.  Today I've been mostly tidying up and organising my clothes/make up etc as things were starting to get a bit out of control again, also I've been writing and scheduling a few blog posts, taking photos and planning my blog rebrand (coming soon...).

How has your week been?

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