£100 ASOS Blogger Challenge

Friday, 13 July 2012

You may have seen a few bloggers posting about this recently, but in case you haven't heard, the lovely ladies over at The Discount Coder Blog are running an ASOS Blogger Challenge to celebrate reaching 1,000 Twitter followers.

The challenge is:
  • Head over to ASOS.com
  • Put together the hottest outfit you can for £100 or less (no student discount or Asos discount codes allowed)
  • Blog about your stylish ensemble over on your blog
  • Leave a comment on their post here with a link to your post

Katie and Jenny will then check out all of the entries and choose one lucky winner who will receive a £100 ASOS gift voucher - I don't know about you but I could spend that in a heartbeat on that site - I heart ASOS!

I started browsing the site the other day and the challenge was actually so much harder than I thought it would be - there were so many pretty things that I ended up with about 4 outfit options and then had to choose my favourite.  Also I did struggle a bit to stay under the £100 as I kept wanting to add more accessories, but in the end I'm pretty pleased with my little outfit!

I've gone for a simple white summer dress and rocked it up with black, gold and spikes.  The outfit came to £97 so I spent the remaining £3 on a black nail varnish to add to the rock vibe.  All in all it came to a tidy sum of £99.99 - so I JUST made it and no more!

dress - £22
boots - £35
necklace - £25
belt - £15
nail polish - £2.99

What do you think of my ensemble?  Have you entered yet?  Leave me a link to your post if you have, I love checking out other peoples' outfits, I'm so nosey! :)


  1. Found you through the discount coder, I struggled a fair bit as well, there's so much lovely stuff on there at the moment!

    Love your entry though, kind of classic but with a rocky twist!


  2. loving your entry! found you in the comments section of the competition, thought u might like to see mine too :)