A Week in Instagrams #14

Sunday, 24 June 2012
1) Nom nom
2) Outfit of the Day
3) I am not a robot
4) June Glossybox
5) Mmm pie
6) Puppy in the office!
7) Wedding outfit
8) Me and B
9) Bride and groom
10) Amazing tree in the garden
11) Wedding cake
12) The first dance

Can I start by saying where the hell has the summer gone...it's like monsoon season here in the 'burgh!  I can't believe it's almost July and I'm still having to wear a coat to work, bloody ridiculous!  Anyway, what have I been up to this week - well Monday to Friday was pretty standard (work during the day, lazing in my pj's watching TV in the evening), finishing off with a fun quiz night at work (my team - aka the only 2 girls, came last - sad face).  Then on Saturday B and I went to the wedding of the year at the beautiful Carberry Tower just outside of Edinburgh - it was a brilliant day and luckily the rain held off so they could get photos in the amazing gardens.  

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