A Week in Instagrams #13

Sunday, 17 June 2012

1) Twit twooo
2) Toastie Thursday
3) All dressed up
4) Mature...
5) Drinks at The Chanter
6) The boys
7) Me and Gav
8) Jacs and Andy
9) Hungover Saturday
10) Love this!
11) Bit of car trouble
12) Sunday treat

Had a short week at work as I had Monday and Friday off, so the weekend came around really fast.  Had an amazing night out with old friends on Friday, lots of reminiscing, good laughs, drinks and dancing.  Saturday was a bit of a hangover day so I spent pretty much the whole day in bed watching Family Guy and reading Game of Thrones.  On Sunday B and I went shopping to get him an outfit for a wedding we're going to next weekend (I'm being good and recycling a wedding outfit from last year) and then we stopped off for a cheeky McDonalds drive-through on the way home.  

Oh, and in honour of Fathers Day here's a nice pic of me and my Dad back when I was a cute wee chubby baby! 

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