A Week in Instagrams #11

Sunday, 3 June 2012

1) Some of my sick day purchases arrived already
2) Frozen grapes = sooo much nicer than they sound
3) B's a winner
4) Burger at Avaco with my besties
5) Punch in a tea cup
6) Cocktails at The Last Word
7) to 9) Primark purchases
10) Glamour with Porefessional freebie
11) I got a medal too
12) Naughty Saturday night Domino's

Started off the week well with a good yearly review at work but then went downhill after a dodgy tummy kept me in bed for a day (although on the plus side I did have a successful online shopping afternoon!).

On Friday I met up with my besties for dinner and cocktails in Stockbridge - really lovely part of Edinburgh, can't believe I'd never ventured out there before.  On Saturday I went to Primark and got lots of bargains (haul post coming soon) followed by a night in with a DVD (Ides of March....oh Ryan Gosling why are you so pretty?) and a Domino's.  Finally, today has been a pretty lazy Sunday - we went to Lidl to do some food shopping then I tidied up my cosmetics drawers (using old Glossy Boxes for storage), used a face mask and a deep conditioner on my hair, and made roast pork for dinner, yum yum!

Enjoy the rest of the jubilee weekend, those of you who aren't working tomorrow/Tuesday - think of me in work while you're out in the sun!!

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