Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Wednesday, 13 June 2012
The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is one of those products that I'd seen people raving about on beauty blogs, but it's £26 so I'd been umming and ahhing about splashing out.  However, when I saw that were selling 20ml packs for £3.10 I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out without committing to a whole bottle.

Elasticizer sample - along with some other goodies
Elasticizer is a pre-shampoo intensive moisturizing treatment that delivers elasticity, bounce and shine to hair.  It also provides UV protection even after washing, helping prolong the life of colour treated hair.  The treatment was originally created by Philip Kingsley specifically for Audrey Hepburn, who wanted a super-moisturising treatment that would repair her hair and keep it in great condition throughout the frequent colouring and styling done to her hair on movie sets.

As my hair is bleached it does tend to get really dry, especially at the ends, so I'm always keen to try out treatments like this that claim to repair damaged and colour treated hair.  

Last Sunday I decided to have a bit of a pamper, so slapped on a clay mask and then applied this treatment to my hair.  It's a pre-shampoo treatment but you apply it to wet hair so I blasted my head with the shower over the bath and then applied it all over (paying particular attention to the ends).  As it was such a small sample though I wasn't really able to slather on as much as I would have if I'd had a full bottle, but I managed to get a light layer all over.  I then wrapped my head in cling film (sexy!) and sat and read a magazine for half an hour before getting in the shower and washing it off.  I could totally feel the difference even when it was wet, my hair felt so silky and also felt a bit thicker (if that makes sense).  

Once I'd blow dried I could also see a definite improvement in the condition of my hair, especially the ends which looked a lot less fried.  I was also left with a nice shine too which made my hair look a lot healthier.

I'm definitely going to buy the full sized version of this, although it might need to wait until next pay day as I've already spent far too much this month!

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