My Little Pony

Monday, 11 June 2012

I decided to be brave when I was at the hairdressers on Saturday and went for a purple rinse!  

The lengths of my hair were already pretty white blonde, so what they did was bleach my roots then put a silver toner on to lighten the overall colour so it left a blank canvas for colour, and then added the purple (I wasn't near a mirror at the time but my stylist said I looked like a smurf!).  

I took this picture when I first got home - it looks crazy blue!  

After one wash though it's lightened a lot....

...and then within a week or two it should have lightened further and be more like this....

....which is the colour I've been lusting after for ages - can't wait till it's faded to this!  At the moment I feel like it's maybe a bit too bright for me - it makes me look a lot more "zany" than I actually am, I'm not quite cool enough to pull this off!

Oh and my mother hates it....HA!

Have you ever taken the plunge and gone for a dramatic new look?  


  1. Yes I did.. I'm looking forward to get that silvery color.

    I'll post a picture when it's done. How did it came out finally?

    xx love from Montreal

  2. Oooh I'll keep an eye out for the photos!

    Mine faded to a silver after about a week which was really nice, it's now pretty much gone back to light blonde though (1 month later).

    Lynne x

  3. Instead of going to the hairdressers, you could buy a lilac or a silver dye, dilute it with conditioner and get the pastel tone straight away (you can also mix both). Directions do both, and it's very cheap for a little pot. Lots of guides online as well if you're not sure what to do.