June Glossybox - Initial Thoughts

Wednesday, 20 June 2012
I normally do my Glossybox reviews a few weeks late as I like to properly try out the products first before doing a write up, however I'd decided to start doing a quick "first impressions" post too as soon as my box arrives, so I'm not miles behind all the other bloggers :)

So my June box arrived yesterday....and here it is!

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with this one - for a start there are only really 4 products (the makeup brush doesn't count - it looks more like a cheap freebie, like the mirror we got last month).

Dermablend Starter Kit - I'm pleased to see some makeup samples in my box, and I love trying new foundations but the sample size looks absolutely tiny so not sure how many applications I'm actually going to get out of this one.

Caudalie Fragrance - I love getting perfume samples but I'm really not a fan of this, it's got a really strong lemon smell which reminds me of Nurofen Meltlets (or Cif Lemon...) so can't see me really using it.

HD Brows Tweezers - Looking forward to trying these as I've never really bought decent tweezers before (the ones I use just now came in some cheap beauty set I think).

BM Beauty Bronzer - Bronzer is something I don't actually ever use as I can't seem to get it right (I always end up looking too orange), but I'll give this a go and see how I get on!

Glossybox Make Up Brush - this looks pretty crap to be honest, not sure how they can count this as the 5th product in the box!  I ran it over the back of my hand to see how the bristles felt and a few fell out, so that's not really a great quality signal.  Plus I adore my Real Techniques brushes so I'm unlikely to use this.

So far, so meh - it's the first box I've opened and went "hmm well this looks crap", not impressed!  I don't currently subscribe to any other beauty boxes but I think I might look into some of the others and see if there's a better alternative out there.  I've stuck up for Glossybox in the past on their Facebook page as there does seem to be a lot of criticism around them but for the first time I'm agreeing with all the negative posts on there!

Oh and also, check out the lovely Lucy's blog to see how their customer service team react to (totally justified) critique....

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