A Week (or 2) in Instagrams #9

Sunday, 20 May 2012
I didn't get round to doing a weekly summary last week as I'd only taken like 2 photos and they were both pretty dull.  When I read other peoples' blogs and see their weekly photos they are always so much more interesting that I feel a bit daft doing one that consists entirely of things like "my dinner", "here's some stuff I've bought".  I mainly do these summaries for my own benefit though, as I like being able to look back and see what I did each week.  So I think I'm going to try keep doing this every week even if I have really boring, mundane photos and nothing of interest to say ;)

1) & 2) Back at my parents clearing out my old room
3) Old photo collage from school/uni days
4) I was a good brownie/girl guide!
5) Mathlete!
6) The hat I left the hospital in when I was born - tiny head!
7) Amazing music taste
8) The only 3 VHS tapes I've kept in the clearout
9) Cleaning my Real Techniques brushes
10) An unwanted visitor
11) Hibs cakes - mint choc chip muffins
12) Hearts cakes - strawberry jam tarts
13) Dirty Sunday Maccy D's
14) The best strawberry milkshake in the world
15) Matalan bargains (the cute blue dress was £9....£9!!)
16) Next door's cat trying to escape

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