Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

Sunday, 20 May 2012
I absolutely love Soap & Glory - it's one of those brands that really stands out on the shelf, with the cute product names and kitsch packaging.  I think Sugar Crush is fairly new (I hadn't seen it before anyway), so I picked one up when I was in Boots a few weeks ago on the look for an exfoliating scrub.

Sugar Crush is a body scrub made from crushed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains, and as you can imagine, it smells deliciously sweet.

I really like how this feels on my skin - it does literally feel like wet sugar/salt but isn't rough like some scrubs are.  I've been using this once or twice a week in the shower and can totally feel the results, my skin is much softer.  

Sugar Crush costs £8 for 300ml, it's a fairly big tub so will probably last for ages, especially if you're only using it once/twice a week.


  1. I've only just jumped on the Soap and Glory band wagon ...literally today finally picked some stuff up - I almost chose this scrub but it just didn't smell as nice as the flake away one (I think that's what its called lol) :)

  2. I only started using it a few years ago, but I'm a total convert now! I think I got a mini tub of the Flake Away (I'm pretty sure that is the right name too!)as part of a Soap & Glory gift set a few Christmas' ago - it was really good too!