A Week in Instagrams #7

Sunday, 29 April 2012

1) to 3) Dinner and cocktails at Sygn
4) to 6) Relaunch at Dunstane House Hotel
7) Ice cream and a DVD, perfect Saturday night in
8) Avengers....ASSEMBLE!
9) Small Boots haul

Bit of a mixed up week this, with busy midweek evenings and a quiet weekend.  Started the week off with a lovely evening of gossip and cocktails at Sygn with some of my girlfriends - we all used to work together in Debenhams back in the day and have remained close buds ever since.  It was a nice catch up as we hadn't seen each other since before Christmas (we're a bit rubbish!), and we got planning our next "Debbie's Hams Adventure" which we've now decided is going to be a weekend in a log cabin near Alton Towers - can't wait!  

Later on in the week I went along to the relaunch of Dunstane House Hotel where I had more cocktails and got to perv around their gorgeous new fancy bedrooms.

Come the weekend I didn't have any real plans which was nice, since I've got stuff organised for like the next 4 weeks so it was good to just have a proper lazy weekend. On Saturday I did some very boring housework and a food shop at Lidl (it was our first Lidl experience and we got loads, it was amazing!), followed by The Voice and BGT then Attack The Block on DVD.  Then on Sunday B and I went to the cinema to see The Avengers at Ocean Terminal (couldn't resist a little nose round Boots too, as always) and I slow cooked us a steak pie.

Have a good week folks!

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