A Week in Instagrams #6

Sunday, 22 April 2012

1) Cocktails at Monboddo Bar
2) & 3) Dinner at The Bread Street Brasserie - Rarebit for Starter, and Braised Pigs Cheeks for Main
4) & 5) Me and Jemma at The Bread Street Brasserie
6) Bacon roll and a coffee....it was a tough morning!
7) Catching B reading my magazine
8) Derren Brown in Conversation at the Churchill Theatre
9) Saturday afternoon Mojito at Cafe Andaluz
10) Tapas at Cafe Andaluz
11) & 12) Me and B out for lunch
13) & 14) Sunday outfit of the day
15) to 21) Charity bake off at Sofi's


  1. Yay I'm famous! :D I look like such a dork! :)

    I'm totes going to have to steal this idea btw! x

  2. Haha, you're definitely more internet famous than me!

    Yeah I stole the idea from other beauty blogs, I like how I can look back and see what I did each week. x