A Week in Instagrams #5

Sunday, 15 April 2012
First of all, can I say a big thank you to Llymlrs - after reading a 'how-to' post on your blog I realised I'd been doing my "week in instagram" posts the hard way!

1) & 2) Bit of spring cleaning over the bank holiday weekend
3) & 4) Taking our old clothes to the recycling
5) Bday pressies for my wee sis
6) Mini meals from the new Chichetti menu at Zizzi's
7) A makeshift bday cake
8) Me and the sis
9) Off for a drive to Craigleith for some shopping
10) Car face
11) Made it home before the rain started
12) Boots goodies
13) New recipe fun - duck pappardelle
14) Best. Friends. Ever
15) Jelly bean love
16) Saturday night movie
17) Sunday outfit
18) B driving us to Ocean Terminal
19) Acting shady
20) Cinema to see Cabin in the Woods

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