A Week in Instagrams #3

Sunday, 1 April 2012

1) Sausages
2) Looking sexy in the hairdressers
3) Morning Starbucks
4) Last ever steak at E.S.I
5) to 8) Dinner and drinks with friends
9) Payday shopping spree
10) Saturday night face
11) Everyone playing Drawsomething at a flat party - we're so rock n roll
12) B made me a Sunday breakfast - not an April fool!


  1. Looking good lady :-) Love the dresses you got, the teal/blue one is my favourite! Also, last ever steak? Have you given up beef?

  2. Thanks lovely! The teal/blue one is a top - I love it too, the colours are gorgeous. I'm definitely not giving up the beef (hehe), the E.S.I restaurant that I had the steak at is closing this weekend, so it was just my last ever time having a steak there. We need to get that Debbie's Hams catch up sorted btw - miss you guys! :) x