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Saturday, 28 April 2012
I've been getting my hair bleached for the last year or so, with the aim of finally reaching a silver/grey colour (I'm almost there!).  One thing that really annoys me though is that within a week of getting my hair done, the platinum/white shade fades to a yellow and I feel like it looks really cheap.  I had read about a new silver shampoo in a magazine about a month ago, so when I was in Boots the other week I went for a wander round the hair section to see if I could find it.  I came across the Pro:voke Touch of Silver shampoo and was convinced that was it so bought it (I've since found out that this has been available for years, so it's probably not the shampoo I was actually thinking of).

I went for the Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo - as the name would suggest, this is a toning shampoo so you're supposed to use it twice a week at the most.  It's meant for grey, white, or platinum blonde hair and claims to neutralise yellow tones and add vibrancy and depth to bring a new lease of life to dull lifeless hair - just what I need!

On first use I was a bit taken aback at how purple it is!  It's also really quite runny, so after applying it looked a bit like a squid had inked all over my shower floor.  After leaving on for a few minutes (it says up to 5 minutes on the bottle) I rinsed and then used my normal conditioner.  After drying my hair I could immediately see a difference in the colour - and this was on the first use!  The yellow was toned down and it definitely looked more silver.  

I only wash my hair every 2 days as it's quite dry, so I've been using the brightening shampoo on every second wash (the rest of the time I've been using the Aussie Moisturising Shampoo).  A few reviews I've read online have said that they found it dried their hair out, but I haven't experienced any extra dryness myself.  I have to say I am really REALLY impressed with the shampoo - I've used purple shampoos before (like the KMS California Blonde range) but I've never had results as good as this.  

In terms of build up (which is also something I've noticed other reviewers mentioning) a few times I've noticed that I've got a couple of violet strands if I've left it on for a bit longer than you're supposed to, but I don't mind actually - I quite like the purple hair look!  In fact, I'm toying with the idea of going grey/purple at my next salon appointment, so I might try leaving the shampoo on for ages one day this week to deliberately turn it purple just to see if I like it!

Update - This post is now several years old but it is still one of my most viewed blog posts, so clearly there are a lot of blondies out there looking for purple shampoo advice!  My initial thoughts still stand - this doesn't make a *huge* difference to the brightness of your blonde, but it does help balance out brassy tones.  I wouldn't advise leaving it on longer than prescribed, despite my hope above that it might be a cheats way of getting grey/purple hair it does NOT work - unless patchy purple bits are the look you're going for.  Another reason for not leaving it on too long is that it can dry your hair out that way.  If used according to the instructions then I generally don't have issues with dryness, as long as I use a decent conditioner. 

Like I said, it's a few years later now and I'm still regularly buying it so that should say it all really.  And it's so cheap that it's worth a try to see if it works for you too!

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