Dunstane House Hotel Relaunch

Saturday, 28 April 2012
Jemma and I recently went along to a relaunch event at Dunstane House Hotel*, which is in the west end of Edinburgh, not far from Murrayfield.  The hotel has recently undergone a £220,000 refurbishment resulting in a new bar/restaurant and 3 new boutique hotel rooms.  Also, as part of the relaunch the hotel has now added a beauty room (Revive at Dunstane) with spa treatments like massages and facials available for both guests and non-guests.


As well as refurbishing the Skerries restaurant, they also have new chefs and a brand new menu - and if the canapes that they were passing round are anything to go by then the new menu is going to be fantastic! The Orkney steak on garlic crouton was a particular stand-out - my mouth is watering just thinking about it!  I will definitely be bringing B along for a meal one night soon to get a proper taste of the menu.

There was whisky and cocktails on offer, unsurprisingly we went for the cocktails (of course!) - Jemma chose a gin one while I plumped for the Toffee Apple - they both went down very well!


As part of the refurbishment the old bar on the ground floor was taken away and turned into bedrooms - there are photos from the refurbishment process on their Facebook page so you can see how the transformation took place.  

We were taken on a tour of the 3 new bedrooms on the night - the first we were told was a standard room but it looked pretty impressive to us- a really good size, and with gorgeous contemporary purple decor (forgot to take a pic of this room on the night, so I've nicked this from the website).  

The second room was HUGE (you can't really tell from my photo though!), with a modern four-poster bed and massive feature windows.  This room is called The Red Room due to the plush red furnishings (including 2 big throne chairs).  

Finally we visited The Blue Room, again another really big room with beautiful furnishings and 2 very cool looking chaise lounge type chairs.  I think the last room was my favourite - I absolutely love the colour, and those chairs were amazing. 

So if you're looking for a somewhere to stay on a trip to Edinburgh then I'd definitely recommend this place (it's not far from Haymarket station and there's a bus stop right outside so you can get into the city centre in a few minutes).  For anyone who already lives in Edinburgh (like moi) then why not pop along for a meal or a cocktail in the new Skerries restaurant!

*I've put a disclaimer on this as I work with the hotel as part of my day job in online marketing, but all thoughts and opinions are definitely my own! :)

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